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New Rankings for Dealers--Who Are the Top 10?


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In Fool Killer's post, he provides his Top 10 Dealer Rankings complete with Honorable Mentions. I think this is a great idea, provides great information, but wonder what the rest of you think. How would you rank the dealer's FK listed?


I know it's a long post, but why not get a group consensus on this? :)

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All information taken from the "New Rankings for Dealers--Who Are the Top 10?" Poll (see hyperlink above) at approx. 9:00 this morning.

For dicussion about these rankings, CLICK HERE!


First number cruncher for you is the Total Number of Votes Received. Initially, I wasn't even planning on including these numbers since ideally there would be an equal number of votes for each dealer/company. However, I found that this was not the case most likely accounting for voters who abstained from certain dealers/companies out of a lack of knowledge, or some other deciding factor.


Second, the #2 table has the top vote getters in each category 1st-10th place + Honorable mentions with the exact number of votes for that category in parenthesis. You'll notice some dealers/companies appear twice which is why I listed the number of votes. For example, while Mile High scored the most votes for the 10th place position, the majority of its votes fell in the Honorable Mention category. So, clearly most board members who voted feel MH is more worthy of an Honorable Mention than an actual placement on the Top Ten List.


The drawback to this is some dealers/companies whose votes were evenly distributed across the rankings did not garner sufficient votes to secure a placement in any category (Steve Ritter/Matt Nelson, Pedigree, Joe Verenault, Motor City Comics).


The third table attempts to come up with an average Top Ten ranking based on members votes. I assigned a weighted value to each place, and multiplied this value by the number of votes. From there, I determined who had the highest average and ranked the dealers/companies accordingly. Obviously, those dealers/companies who received more votes will be more highly favored to place well putting those who received less votes at a disadvantage depending on their general ranking.


Finally,, I've highlight those rankings Fool Killer was correct on in green, those he was close to in yellow (1 rank margin of error to the left or right), and those he was incorrect on in red (more than 1 rank off). This was done solely to see how his views reflect those of the other voting members. Again, FK, great thread!!!


Votes Received

Metropolis (35)

Comic Link (32)

Heritage (31)

Harley Yee (30)

Doug Sulipa (29)

Bob Storms (26)

Steve Ritter/Matt Nelson (26)

Ted VanLiew (25)

Mile High (24)

Dave Kapelka (23)

Pedigree (23)

Richard Evans (23)

Brent Moeshlin (22)

Motor City Comics (22)

Dale Roberts (21)

Joe Verenault (20)



Highest Vote Getters In Each Category


ComicLink 1ST (13)

Metropolis 2ND (10)

Metropolis 3RD TIE (6)

Heritage 3RD TIE (6)

Harley Yee 4TH (7)

Harley Yee 5TH (8)

Harley Yee 6TH (5)

Ted VanLiew 7TH (4)

Brent Moeshlin 8TH TIE (4)

Dave Kapelka 8TH TIE (4)

Dave Kapelka 9TH (3)

Mile High 10TH (5)

Doug Sulipa Hon. Men. TIE (10)

Dave Kapelka Hon. Men. TIE (10)

Dale Roberts Hon. Men. TIE (10)

Richard Evans Hon. Men. (12)

Mile High Hon. Men. (13)


Ranking By Average Vote

1 Comic Link (273)

2 Metropolis (250)

3 Heritage (240)

4 Harley Yee (194)

5 Bob Storms (167)

6 Doug Sulipa (145)

7 Pedigree (122)

8 Steve Ritter/Matt Nelson (116)

9 Ted VanLiew (114)

10 Richard Evans (98)

Hon. Men. Motor City Comics (87)

Hon. Men. Joe Verenault (80)

Hon. Men. Dave Kapelka (79)

Hon. Men. Brent Moeshlin (78)

Hon. Men. Mile High (75)

Hon. Men. Dale Roberts (73)


FK's Ranking

10 Mile High Comics

9 Pedigree Comics

8 Dave Kapelka

7 Bob Storms

6 Harley Yee

5 Steve Ritter/Matt Nelson

4 Doug Sulipa

3 Heritage Comics

2 Metropolis Comics

1 Comiclink

hm: Joe Verenault

hm: Motor City Comics

hm: Richard Evans

hm: Brent Moeshlin

hm: Dale Roberts

hm: Ted VanLiew

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Great piece of work, but you could explained how the vote's were going to work before you had us vote doh!


Other than that, nice time-kill (thumbs u


I might be misreading you, but if I told you how the votes would work, then it would have skewed the results. Additionally, I did reference Fool Killer's thread so there was the expectation of that thread being background knowledge while voting.


Eh, it's not like these are either scientific polls or going to get published anywhere--just a nice snapshot. But you're right--a fantastic time kill! I've got nothing but exam protctoring to do (1-3 students at a time for special needs accommodations) so this has helped pass the time. :grin:

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