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Show us your personal artwork
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So I wake up this morning to some awesome personal sketches by alecholland.

I see these great contributions from time to time, and always felt there should be a permanent ongoing thread for this type of work. So hopefully budding artists, pros, and amateurs alike can put up some of their goodness here.


Here's something I slapped together a while back (had to join together parts, since scanner was too small).



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Posted this in the thread I started as well, but since you asked, here's a Hellboy sketch I just did. I don't want to make anyone mad, so I won't post the same images in both threads from here on out.



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I too hadn't drawn for years and have come back to it, and comic books in the past year or so. Here are a pair of Dave Stevens covers that I really like and took a stab copying.








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I've also been trying my hand at inking.

Here's a Dr Strange page, I think from 169, I used a Marvel Essentials as my reference,

this one I did a pencil sketch first then inked it:




and a Jim Starlin savage sword of Conan, this one I copied free hand with a brush and bother with the panels:



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Great idea for a thread.


I did a Spider-Man painting once that i gave to my son. I haven't seen it in years.


These are not comic related so i hope they are all right.


So, I pulled these out of a closet. I haven't look at them in a least a decade. The frames are filthy ( have to replace them and hang them up soon ) and there are some stains on the one in the sky.


These are the only ones i have left. I used to paint when I was in my late teens and early twentys. But i gave most of them away.


My mother was very talented and i used to paint with her and late at night by myself. I kept these paintings because i didn't like the mountain scene and couldn't give it to anyone, because i wasn't happy with how it turned out.


The other one i kept because it had a fond memory attached. I'm color blind and should have labeled the colors on the pallet but i was up late painting. In fact all night. My father came in and look at it for a while them said. " Nice,... green deer. I wouldn't have gone that way, but you're the artist.


So i had to repaint them.

I painted my first wifes wedding portrait as a first anniversary present and haven't picked up a paint brush since. that was in 1981. Maybe when i retire someday.









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