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Show us your personal artwork
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Nice work everyone. Frederic, I'm glad to see the extension of your sig line, it's very nice!


Since I've posted my own pictures in the past, I won't drop them in here again. It's nice to stop by quickly. Grad school began a few weeks ago and I'm slowly getting into the swing of things. As Mac Man told me, time management is crucial so I've over-compensated so far. lol Besides spending too much time each night here in the past, I also miss doing some artwork.


Hope everyone is well! Great thread!

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Kinda OT...but here's some "photo-realistic" pen-and-ink stuff I did back in the late '70s/early '80s (at the height of my Beatles obsession) when I was in high school. They were in storage for years, but my wife finally convinced me to dig them out and display them in my music room...





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Briefly. Go to PhotoBucket.com. Join. Upload your image to their site. After it is uploaded to photobucket.com, there will be four "links" underneath your image. Right click on the last one (img) and copy that link. Then come back here and paste that link on the blank screen below. Then hit "submit" and your image will apopear here, as long as you do not delete it from photobucket.com. If and when you delete it from photobucket, it will disappear from here also., On photobucket.com, you can join and upload all of the images you desire, for free.


It's just a place to "park" images and photo's you want to save or share on the internet.


Hope this helps.


I am sure that there are other sites like photobucket.com available, but that is what many use.

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