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Show us your personal artwork
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Wow, what a great thread. Excellent work everyone.


A few years ago I toyed with the idea of self publishing. Here's the unfinished title page. And, yep, it is heavily influenced by Wood, Schomburg, and Cole. ( And it's Saaf swipe to boot.)





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Wow nice to see you're still around :hi:


Nice work. I would have bought that book with art like this :D


Thanks Scrooge. :hi:


Been working. Taking a look around, there are some interesting threads I've missed.


I'll see if I can't scare up something else to add to this one.

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wow! wow! wow!


so much awsome work! next time i need a commisioned pc for my wall im coming to the boards! and my brother is the rainman of sports , he would love a pc like those :) do you do comissioned work comic king?

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OK - so that's three that I had in photobucket.


Not comic characters - but some of my paintings.

Watercolor & Ink on hand-made paper appox: 22"x34"


these three are all from 2007.


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Here's some of mine, part of a comic book project I'm working on. The first one is a splash page at the inking phase that still need some extension on the bottom to meet the comic book format, while the second is a large panel that still need some pencil (and ink) once I finish cleaning up certain area that are not to my current taste...(these were done years ago)






You have a fantastic style! :headbang:

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Kinda OT...but here's some "photo-realistic" pen-and-ink stuff I did back in the late '70s/early '80s (at the height of my Beatles obsession) when I was in high school. They were in storage for years, but my wife finally convinced me to dig them out and display them in my music room...






Those are great Mikey...very cool...I've got some Dylan and Keith, Mick etc around somewhere I'll have to dig up...


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I was into art when I was a single man.Since I got married,kids and work,take all the time. Here's one of the last pieces I did,from 1995. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.All pencil with airbrushed background...




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Very cool...great coloring! (thumbs u

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