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On 7/22/2022 at 12:56 PM, agamoto said:

I've been down this long and winding road myself many many times.

The very first pair of DC comics with compatible back covers are New Comics #11 and More Fun Comics #16. Entirely interchangeable.

Yes, you have to match the exterior AND the interior, as well as the identifiers like the Dept. # in the Johnson & Smith and Remington Typewriter ads. 

After that first DC love connection, the next hookup where the back cover planets align is New Adventure Comics #16 and More Fun Comics #21. Detective Comics is being published at this time as well, but it has a different back cover than the other two.

After that, New Adventure Comics #20 and More Fun Comics #25 are interchangeable. DC#8 from the same month has nearly identical back covers, with the exception of a different Dept. # on the Johnson Smith Ad.

The June, 1938 issues of DC#16, NAC#27, and MFC#32 have completely identical back covers. Action Comics #1 came out this month, but it's got a different back cover.

November 1938, all DC issues from this month have interchangeable back covers. Action 6, Adventure 32, Detective 21, and More Fun 37.

December 1938 - Action 7, Adventure 33, Detective 22, More Fun 38... All identical back covers.

March 1939 - Action 10, Adventure 36, Detective 25, More Fun 41... All identical back covers 

April 1939 - Movie Comics and All-American Comics join the line-up. They have unique back covers, but Action 11, Adventure 37, Detective 26 and More Fun 42 have identical covers.

May 1939 - Movie and All-American have different back covers this month, however Action 12, Adventure 38, More Fun 43 and Detective Comics #27, yes that one, all share the same back cover. I think we all know which comics we'd be ripping the back cover off of to complete that TEC27.

June 1939 - Again, Movie and All-American are incompatible. Action 13, Detective 28 and More Fun 44 are identical, but Adventure 39 has a different interior. Superman and the New York World's Fair issues came out this month, but they have unique covers.

July 1939 - Once more, Movie and All-American are in a world of their own. Action 14, Tec29, MF45 and Adventure 40 all share the same back cover. Note the obvious winner there for back cover indian leg wrestle.

August 1939 - Act15, TEC30, MF46, Adv41 - All identical back covers. 

September 1939 - Mutt & Jeff joins the line-up, but it's back cover is a single page strip on the back, and a blank interior. ACT16, TEC31, MF47, ADV42 - All identical/interchangeable. All American and Movie are still doing their own thang but this is the last issue of Movie Comics.

October 1939 - She's a lightnin' loadin', sweet-shootin carbine! Daisy Rifle Ads make their back cover debut. All American starts running the same ads as the others, but different dept. # on the interior back cover on #7. ACT17, ADV43, TEC32, MF48 have interchangeable back covers. Superman #2's interior back cover has the same ad, but different Dept number from the rest.

November 1939 - ACT18, ADV44, TEC33, MF49 identical. All American 8 not.

December 1939 - ACT19, ADV45, TEC34, MF50 identical back covers. AA#9? Nope.

January 1940 - Double Action #2 came out, Flash Comics #1 and Superman #3 in addition to the regulars. Again, ACT20, ADV46, TEC35, MF51 have matching back covers. No ads on the back of Double Action 2. Totally different ads on Superman 3 and Flash #1 Is also different.

I think that's about enough for now.

This is why I never ever turn my nose up at very poor or even coverless golden aged books, you're only a borrowed back cover away from a 0.5 grade. If you have a good back cover match with the interior/front, and you pull it together nicely, I know from experience that a 2.0 universal is easily achievable.

Wow! That's some great detective work! Thanks!

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On 8/14/2008 at 9:57 AM, ft88 said:

Thank you to Welborn for coming up with a coverless Batman 9.


Here's a consolidated list of full covers only. Again, I haven't listed the coverless as I imagine it'd really be tougher to find a cover to a coverless than vice versa. These are also issue that may only need a centerfold where a coverless would be useful.


Looks like catrick 339 either has a cover for Superman 5 or a coverless Superman 5 not sure what he has but a coverless superman 5 would be needed here twice over.


These issues a user has the cover




Here is my want list.  I just noticed I replied to the August 2008 post lol.  Still any help - or trades where we can help each other - are welcome.

Action Comics 22 Cover
Action Comics 27 Cover
Action Comics 38 Cover
Action Comics 91 Cover
Adventure Comics 65 Cover
All Flash 30 inside
All Winners 12 Cover
Batman 32 inside
Captain Marvel 13 inside
Captain Marvel 28 inside
Cisco Kid 6 inside
Crack Comics 35 inside
Crimes by Women 7 inside
Dagar Desert Hawk 15 inside
Dagar Desert Hawk 19 inside
Detective Comics 59 Cover
Detective Comics 64 inside
Detective Comics 93 inside
FANTASTIC COMICS 1939-41 16 Cover
FANTASTIC COMICS 1939-41 22 Cover
FANTASTIC COMICS 1939-41 3 Front Cover
Fight Comics (1940-1954) 22 inside
Fight Comics (1940-1954) 28 Cover
Four Favorites 11 Cover
Gift Comics 2 Cover
Human Torch 5 outside wrap, cover
Human Torch Comics 5 Cover
Jo-Jo Comics (1946-1949) 17 inside
Jo-Jo Comics (1946-1949) 19 inside
Jo-Jo Comics (1946-1949) 21 inside
Jo-Jo Comics (1946-1949) 23 inside
Jo-Jo Comics (1946-1949) 24 inside
Jumbo Comics (1938-1953) 82 inside
Jungle Comics 81 inside
Marvel Mystery Comics 22 centerfold and outside wrap
Marvel Mystery Comics 44 inside
Minute Man 2 Cover
Planet Comics (1940-1953) 27 inside
Police Comics 1 Cover
Police Comics 6 Cover
Police Comics 7 Cover
Prize Comics 20 Cover
Rulah (1948-1949) 17 inside
Science Comics 2 Cover
Sensation Comics 10 inside
Sensation Comics 11 inside
Sensation Comics 39 inside
Shadow Comics V.2 #10 centerfold
Spirit 10 inside
Spirit 18 inside
Spirit 19 inside
Spirit 2 inside
Spirit 21 inside
Spirit 3 inside
Spirit 4 inside
Spirit 5 inside
Spirit 7 inside
Superman 11 centerfold
Superman 21 Cover
Superman 5 Cover
Superman 8 inside
Thrilling Comics 13 inside
Top Notch Comics 21 Cover
Wings 21 inside
Women Outlaws 1 inside
Women Outlaws 2 inside
Women Outlaws 6 inside
Wonder Woman 10 Cover
Wonder Woman 2 Cover
Wonder Woman 4 Cover
Wonder World Comics 12 Cover
World's Finest Comics 15 inside


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Another success story. Thanks to @Drgoldage, I now have an interior for my Action #85 cover. Seems like I’ve had it forever. Sometimes things end up where they belong. Thank you sir!

Now, I will have to put on my Pep beanie, dig out my Superman Member kit and decode this message. 



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On 11/26/2022 at 11:01 AM, gadzukes said:

A successful marriage!!!

I've had the CF for a Marvel Mystery 83 for at least a decade now.  I finally found a copy missing the CF to marry it into.  Yessssss :banana:

Not a bad looking copy.

One interesting aspect..... my CF came from a 2-staple original copy and this copy I married it into was a 1 staple copy.


Very cool. I assume you make no effort to attach? Do you know if that issue had been reprinted? 

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On 11/26/2022 at 8:01 AM, gadzukes said:

A successful marriage!!!

I've had the CF for a Marvel Mystery 83 for at least a decade now.  I finally found a copy missing the CF to marry it into.  Yessssss :banana:

Not a bad looking copy.

One interesting aspect..... my CF came from a 2-staple original copy and this copy I married it into was a 1 staple copy.


Awsome and congrats! I love when the planets align to complete parts books. I recently found a CF for my MM #90. Also looked for many years.

Funny thing is, I probably paid more for the centerfold than the book I married it into…:roflmao:

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On 12/9/2022 at 8:07 PM, Bandelier said:

A successful marriage. I think a couple of you had the same thing in mind when the cover came up on eBay; but I'm happy to get it. Will stay in my keeper pile. Love that it's the same servicemen from the cover of Superman 12.


Nice, congrats. I went after that.  I won the #5 cover - now I need the inside...

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