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Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thread
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You are truly a Walking (Posting) Encyclopedia of the Turtles! I have found your posts SO HELPFUL! (worship)


- Glad I could help! (thumbs u


I find myself never having to Google anything I want to know about Turtle books! (worship)


So maybe you can help me yet again.....


1) Do you have a pic or a scan of the Hardcover TPB? I don't think I have ever seen one.


- Here ya go:

With the outer dust jacket on


And with it off



2) Do you have a pic or scan of the "Phonebook" TPB? (My wife wants to buy one for me...but I have no clue which one this is. I thought I knew....but there seem to be a few to many TPBS. (shrug) )


And lastly:




Any info you have would be much obliged! Again thanks for all the insight on these guys!





As a final note, since my original post, Mirage has come out with a new collected volume, in celebration of the 25th anniversary. While essentially the same as the previous editions, this volume has the addition of a very important book, the Fugitoid One-Shot, that the others did not. Considering how important this book was in relation to an important early TMNT storyline, I think its a long overdue addition. The cover looks like this:



Hope all of this helps!

- Danny



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and my second post in over year goes to the reason I came searching the boards...


So long, TMNT... Congrats to Peter, but DAMN I was really really hoping for a nice solid ending to Vol. 4. I guess I can still hope since he retained those rights, but this is sad news for the green geeks among us.

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As far as I know, Peter did retain the rights to put out something on the order of 12 TMNT comics per year. If true, there's a good chance you'll get the ending you're hoping for.

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He gets to make up to 18 issues a year. But, he has already stated that he is basically OVER the whole TMNT thing and needs to step away from them, probably for a very long time. Sort of wore out on them I guess after 25 years, which I can understand.


I personally think we'll see another Mirage TMNT book in the future. But not for a looooong time, like maybe years.

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Very nice! :applause: That's a great early sketch from Eastman. (thumbs u


Anyone know where I can find the print runs to the 1st Mirage run of TMNT? I'm looking for all issues, all prints. Thanks.

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Here is something I have been waiting for a little over a month to share with everyone.


If you recall, the copy of Gobbledygook #1 that was gifted to me by Kevin was a misprint. 3 images in the book appear twice (to see that book, click Gobbledygook error . The pages that repeat are labeled alpha-numerically.)


While this error possibly makes it the rarest copy out there (as we have yet to find its possible sister book, which would be missing 3 pages), I've still always wanted a copy of the book that did not have the error in it.


Recently, Steve Murphy of Mirage, was able to afford me this opportunity. Steve and I were able to work out an agreement for the purchase of a copy of Gobbledygook #1 which had been signed by Peter, personalized "To Smurph" (one of Steve's nicknames) and given to him in 1989. Steve was kind enough to draft me a letter of authenticity to go with the book.


Here are a few interesting pictures from the book. All of the photos of the book can be found via a link at the bottom of this post.


Here is the letter that Steve wrote for me. I have water marked across his signature for security purposes.




The front cover. This copy is extremely clean, with only one tiny color break at the spine.




The inside front cover showing the personal signing to Steve from Peter.




For the rest of the book, please click GobbledyGook Non-Error .


Hope you enjoyed it!

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WOWSERS! That's phenomenal! It's great that you were able to get your hands on such a rare book. Congratulations!

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Guess this isn't a TMNT item you see very often, maybe one of the rarer items.


Only 50 copies.



Anyone have any info. on these items?

I have a couple sets of minitures, but this packaging is much nicer than the ones I got that are simply in plastic backs with a cardboard top. I believe mine are actually originals as they are the original characters with their original weapons and I bought them the same day that issue #3 came out, they're advertised at the bottom of the inside front cover of an early issue.


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Anyone know where I can find the data for the prints runs of the 1st Mirage series. I recently stumbled onto a 2nd printing of #32 I was unaware of and was curious if there were any other multiple print runs I didn't know about and how large they were.

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Other than issues #32, there is #18 that also had 2 print runs. These are the only 2 books outside issues #1-7 that were reprinted.


#1- has had a ton of reprints, depending on the format

#2- up to 3rd printing

#3-#7- up to 2nd printings

#18, #32- up to 2nd printings

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Follow-up question.


Any reason these two particular issues had second printings while most others didn't?

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