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How Much Can I Expect to Get For My Uncanny X-Men Run?

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I'm really up in the air on selling my run of UXM that I have put together.


The following is a lengthy list of all the books I might put up on ebay (as a lot)...I would appreciate your opinion on what the lot might sell for:


1 g+, 2 gvg, 3 fair, 4 gvg, 5 f, 6 vgf, 7vg, 8g, 9g, 10g, 11gvg, 12gvg, 14g, 15g, 16g, 17g, 18vg, 19vg, 20g, 22vg, 23g, 27g, 29g, 31vg, 35 vgf, 36f, 37f, 38vg, 39f, 40vgf, 41g, 42vg, 43vg, 44vgf, 46vg, 47f, 48vg, 49vg, 50vgf, 51vg, 53vg, 54vgf, 55f+, 56vgf, 57vgf, 58fvf, 59fvf, 66f, 94vg, 101fvf, 111 vg+,117 vfnm, 128vfnm, 129fvf, 131vf, 132nm+, 133vg, 134nm, 135nm, 136nm, 137nm,138vfnm, 139m, 140m, 141vg, 142nm, 143vfnm, 144nm+, 145nm, 146nm, 147nm, 148nm, 149nm,150nm, 151nm, 152nmm, 153nmm, 154nmm, 155nmm, 156m, 157nmm, 158m, 159f, 160nm, 161nm, 162vfnm, 163nm, 164nm, 165m, 166nmm, 167vf, 168f, 169nm, 170vf, 171nmm, 172vg, 173vf, 174vf, 175nmm, 176nm, 177vf, 178vf, 179fvf, 180fvf, 181 to 250 all nmm, plus 3 copies of 266 nmm, plus all the Jim Lee issues, 1 copy each nmm,

GS X-Men #1 vg.


I have the rest of the run, though they are in boxes and haven't been pulled out yet.


I have been collection for over 20 years and are very properly graded.


What do you think?


Thanks for your time at looking...

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My advice:


Put 1 thru 7 up individually.

8-29 as a reader lot: G/GVG

31-66 as a VGF mid grade lot

94 individually

110-150 as a mostly NM lot

and the rest as a NM/MT lot.


You'll max out your bids without having to do too much more work than listing them all a once.

12 auction lots isn't a major work load when 8 of them are single books. thumbsup2.gif


I would be interested in the readers 8-29 myself.

I collect low grade reading marvels and am usually put off if I have to get a 100-1000 moderns to along with them in a huge lot. The shipping charges from Canada are rough on heavy packages.


Good Luck!


edit: Sell the GS 1 individually too.

And like Peter said, get the #1 CGCed. If you get a one notch higher grade (3.0 instead of 2.5) then expected that's money in the bank! thumbsup2.gif


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I agree with Chris (Aces). I would break up the lots between silver and modern.

Maybe you should send issue 1 and possibly 1 or more of the 266's into CGC just to see if your grading is pretty accurate. I think you'll make your grading fees back. Are you a member? I would suggest becoming one because you get 3 express (5-day) coupons for $99.

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I sold this lot off of ebay for $4000. The reserve was $5500, which was about 15% less than book value. I think I sold it too low, but I did so well on the Journeys that I didn't want to do the work to break up the set.


X-men lot



These books are a much higher average grade than your set, and 12 were CGC graded. The number 1 I sold separately (CGC 5.0) FOR $1100, just like the fellow forumites advised you.


I don't know if this helps, but I think you would probably get about $1500 for yours.

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well, I definitely get what you are all saying. The only thing is that I would want them all gone, or they all stay in my collection.


The only reason I am even considering selling them is that I have an incredible opportunity to pick up a new car for a ridiculously low price (I work a a VW dealer)...unless I get enough from the sale to cover a couple of small debts, I just keep my current car and continue to enjoy my books.


I'll be listing the lot on ebay in a couple of hours, and I guess we'll see what happens confused-smiley-013.gif

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How much will the reserve be...1000$ to 1500$??!!!!! 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Well, let me put it this way...I really don't expect this lot to sell to anyone on this board (and that's not an insult at all!).


As well, if I don't sell these books, better for me...I love my run. If I happen to catch the right collector looking for exactly what I have for sale (notice I said collector...not buyer), we'll both be okay.

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Thanks for the ego boost! flowerred.gif


The #1 is an extremely solid book. Due to the slight water damage on the bottom left corner (no rust going on there), the grade should be very accurate. I'd rather undergrade than overgrade.

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