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I usually put sales threads in Gold/Silver/Bronze, but I have a few miscellaneous items too, like toys and polybags, so this time so I have a thread over in Mixed!


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Okay, so the  hardcover thread  I  was  bragging up  in my last thread  is  finally coming to fruition.   Check out my new thread over 
in  Mixed,  hardcover  fiction,  SF and Fantasy,  art books, and the odd   graphic novel, nearly all HC first editions,  but a small mixed
grille of  trades  intermixed.  First two  books are up tonight,  plenty  more to list tomorrow and through the weekend. 
If I get good reactions,  I'll keep it up all next  week.  

Look for me in  MIXED!

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Merry Christmas!

I'm preparing what will be two back-to-back threads in Copper/Modern. Both will be long and meandering. The first will be more mainstream offerings, from keys to Best of 90's Drek, and the second will be a labor of love, a wide assortment of independents and obscurities (not necessarily big money stuff, though I guess some may surprise me as I price them, but mostly from what I can see just a bunch of oddball stuff that doesn't get offered around here very often.) Takers in the first thread are welcome to sit through the 2nd one before wrapping up, for combo shipping purposes, but I'll PM everyone at the end of the first as some may not be interested in the independents.

Either way, it'll take a while. I'm pulling from 10 short boxes of material, three of which are independents. These are chunks of 2-3 collections I took in for fun (read and release, learn some new-to-me series, etc). At least two of the guys had multiples of some books too, so there will be multiple copies of certain books available. Just starting to shoot pix and wrap my head around it. Again, the threads will be long and sporadic too, as I have a lot going on right now, but I can also use the fun distraction of playing with funnybooks so I'm getting it started soon even though life is busy. Stay tuned!

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