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I have several Fallen Son Sketchs in cluding a one of a kind by John Romita Jr a Secret Invasion Sketch Amazing Spider-Mans signed Captain Americas signed


Check out the items I have at these link




I accept paypal and prices include free shipping in the USA

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Happy Turkey Day...


Black Friday Variant and Raw Sale starts this eve...

if you are one of the few who got to stay home and want some cheap variants and raw copies of great books, the thread will go up this eve...

I continue to say it, but long boxes full of books and I can't keep subbing all of them OVERLOADED!!!


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Purple Sunday sales thread starts tonight. :eyeroll:


Just kidding.


I will have about 40 nice copper/modern slabs up tonight.


Fables #1 and #2 in CGC 9.8.


Miller Dark Knights all in 9.8


Preacher #1


A bunch of great Sig Series slabs with sigs from Bolland, Darwyn Cooke, Time Sale, Linsner, Perez, Powell, a BGG Photo Cover signed by Jamie Bamber, a couple of tough Tony Moore variants in CGC 9.8 SS, a gorgeous books with 13 sigs on it in cgc 9.8 :o, and a bunch more.


Should be starting in about a half hour after I get the images uploaded.




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Starting tomorrow night I will have about 150 zombie related books up for sale.


Goons all the way back to Albatross #1, and including the Dark Horse Series.


Walking Dead back to nearly the beginning up to last month.


Walking Dead Compendiums for 60% off retail.


Crossed, Marvel Zombies, Army of Darkness, Raise the Dead, War of the Undead, some rare variants, and some Romero books going back to the early 90's.


Also Max Brooks 1st edition Zombie Survival Guide, Zombie fiction novels, Zombie DVD's


Books priced from $1 to $150...something for everyone and every price range.


Starting tomorrow night...see you there. (thumbs u

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Dudeman's sales on modern books are back!!




Come on over and join the party ( :gossip:and help me pay the airfare for my upcoming season Raiders tickets! :applause: )


As with all of my sales-I want everyone to have great time and find great deals-see you there!



:banana: Chris

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