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A few offbeat early-mid 1940's books....

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...I did do some buying in Boston Sunday - these 6 books were for sale by Gary Sohmers from an original owner collection he had on cosignment. They caught my eye as pretty uncommon and I thought I could find them a good home.


Feel free to PM me an offer or post the :takeit:. I have an unconditional return policy. Shipping to the continental US and Paypal fees are included in all prices.


First up - a Timely! Ideal 2 with a nice Super Rabbit cover from 1944-45. It presents as a VF-quality book, but I would put the page quality at cream to light tan. Two puzzles are neatly completed in pencil, a maze and a connect the dots. I'm calling it a F+/VF 6.5-7.0 overall.


Price: $45





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Next - a Timely! :) Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics 3. Skiing cover from the Spring of 1945. Page quality is cream to off-white. A couple puzzles neatly partially completey but it's slight. Light non color breaking fold on the front cover along witha couple light unobtrusive smutz stains (on the tree) and just minor wear overall. Going with Fine- 5.5.


Price - $35





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Young King Cole Detective Tales Volume 1 #2. Wilcox cover from the winter 1945-46. Pages are cream to off-white. Obviously all minor wear on the book is dwarfed by the missing corner on the top right cover. Definitely a higher grade feel but I'm putting it at VG+/F 4.5-5.0 overall.


Price - $65





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Heroic Comics 18. This book is just chock-full of golden-age goodness. A Hydroman story, A Rainbow Boy story. Man o' Metal! And a action packed arial fight with "Flying Fortress fights off forty Nazi planes!" And more!


Looks like the book had a little trouble with the stapler at the bindery. There's one staple holding the book in the correct place about a thrid of the way down. The staple above that (next to the "C") actually made holes through the whole book. At the bottom, under the "N" in "IN" is an impression where a third staple was not strong enough to take. None of this gets in the way of enjoying the book.


Centerfold is well attached by the "correct" staple. Page quality is cream to off-white. Technical grade is VG+ 4.5 to me, and I sure wish all 4.5s were like this one.


Price - $80





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Bill Barnes, America's Air Ace Comics #12, October 1943. Almost a propoganda book for America's warplane manufacturers. The cover is striking with the -faced soldiers cowering in fear under the might of American Air power and the American worker!


Bill Barnes is the first story when he tackles a mystery of ghost planes. Next is "Lucille of Lockheed", "the story of a girl who learned duty to her country and earned the love of a man on the assembly line...." I can't make this stuff up. Next is the story of Chuck Hunter, a Curtiss factory manager and his adventure in Burma. "Dreadnaughts of the Sky" about the huge Boeing bombers. Lastly, "Further Adventures of the Flying Tigers" purported to be an adaptation of the Republic John Wayne flick of the same name.


Page quality is cream to off-white. Some dust shadows front and back - calling it a Fine 6.0.


Price - $120





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The Romance of Flying, David McKay Publications, 1942. Not a comic book in the traditional sense, the interior of this book couples a page of text with a full page illustration. The text covers a pilot or some famous event. Lindberg, Earhart, Doolittle...lots and lots of war and aviation heroes. There is a photo of Doolittle on the inside back cover.


Pages are white/ow in the middle to cream/off-white at the edges. Shows very little wear and has the feel of a high grade book. Biggest issue is the stain on the back cover. I've seen 8.0's in slabs that looked much worse. Calling it F/VF- 7.0.


Price - $60





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