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20 issue Tomb of Dracula Lot, 2-68 - NOW 60% OFF OSPG!

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No 'mixed-bag' sale this time around....time to pass on my Tomb of Dracula dupes and under copies to whoever wants 'em. There are some nice books in here as well as some dogs, averaging 'middle of the road', Issue numbers 2-4 are in the VF range. I'm going to list them individually first and then perhaps all of them as a lot later, depending on what's left.


Listed will be 20 Books in the range from issues 2 to 68. No number 10, sorry :sorry:


Shipping Terms:


I'm flexible on postage, but the domestic defaults for shipping are:

$6.00 Priority Flate rate envelope (up to 5-6 books in a cardboard sandwich)

$10.00 Boxed Priority (up to 50 or so books, depending on if you want them bagged/boarded)

$5.00 Boxed Media Mail (at yer own risk, bub!)


Insurance is extra if you want it. If you're interested in an option not shown, just let me know and we can discuss.


International will be billed at cost. PM me to discuss.


Payment Terms:


Paypal is preferred, but I will also take Money Orders. I detest checks, but if you must, I'll take it and :censored: at you! Check has to clear before I ship, Paypal and money orders ship either same day or next day depending on what time I get it.


I expect to run this sale for a day or two, since I've got some other drek awesome stuff to sell too.


Let me know if you've got any questions/comments or suggestions. Thanks for looking!


Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you don't like it, I'm not happy. Get in touch and we'll do what we gotta do to make it right. I think my grading is pretty good, but better safe than sorry!

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Tomb Of Dracula 68 OSPG: $2.00 - Your Cost: $1.00!


Would be a VGF if someone hadn't burned a little hole in the 'R' in Dracula! WTF!?!? :censored: - Call it 'G' and take it for $1.00 I guess (shrug)


Awesome way to start a sales thread. 'Please buy my comics. Don't worry, they only have small holes burned in them.


Hey, at least it's not water damage! Oh wait. The water damage is in the lower left corner. :P



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Tomb of Dracula :cloud9:


Gene Colan :cloud9:


Funny, I used to hate his stuff as a kid. I love it now!


Tomb Of Dracula 65 VG (4.0) OSPG: $4.00 - Your Cost: $2.00!


Decent looking mid-grade book, but there are several reader creases and other flaws that bring it down.



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Tomb Of Dracula 60 VG (4.0) OSPG: $4.00 - Your Cost: $2.00!


Pretty good looking 4.0 from the front (small bit of damage to URHC). There is some tanning/smudging on the back, so I'll knock it down from a 5.0. You can't go wrong because of 'The Most Incredible Shock Story of All!' That's worth about $10 right there.





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Tomb Of Dracula 50 VGF (5.0) OSPG: $7.50 - Your Cost: $3.50!


Just enough defects to keep it from a 6.0, but still looks nice. Some readers indentations, cover transfer marks/tanning (mostly back, but some on front), spine ticks, etc. Silver Surfer App.!



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Tomb Of Dracula 45 (copy 1) VG (4.0) OSPG: 6.00 - Your Cost: $3.00!


Same problem on this book as many in this thread...the back cover has transfer on it/looks a bit dirty. Otherwise solid with a few small creases, etc.



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Tomb Of Dracula 15 VG (4.0) OSPG: 8.00 - Your Cost: $4.00!


Same type of defects as the other books listed in this grade. Small date written on front cover, same amount of writing on back cover. Mark's Jeweler's Insert in this issue!





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Ok, the best 3 books for last:


Tomb Of Dracula 4 VF-/VF (8.0) OSPG: 39.00 - Your Cost: $25.00!


Really nice book, an undercopy I got from arexcrooke a couple years ago (one of my first board purchases here). It's served me very well, time for a new home! I'm going with the same grades that I picked them up from him at.



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