Bronze to Modern Lots for sale on eBay: Batman, JLA, etc. Taking Offers!

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Get yer pre-Movie hype fix right here!




Actually, technically you cannot make an offer with this style eBay listing. :sorry:


But they're still Cheap! :whee:


Here's what you get (each is VF/NM or better condition):


Green Lantern 11 (2006): Part of DC's post-Infinite Crisis "One-year later" project, this is Revenge of the Green Lanterns, part 2, and in addition to Hal Jordan, it also features John Stewart, Guy Gardner, the Manhunters, the Cyborg Superman, and begins to lay the foundation for the Sinestro Corps War storyline. Geoff Johns scripts. Ivan Reiss provides the artwork.


Blackest Night 0 (2009): Free Comic Book Day issue. Kicks off the Blackest Night crossover. Geoff Johns scripts, Ivan Reiss & Doug Mahnke illustrate.


Starman 81 (2010): Blackest Night crossover issue. Creator of the modern Jack Knight Starman, James Robinson scripts, and co-creator Tony Harris provides the cover. Bill Sienkiewicz inks the interior artwork.


Green Lantern 53 (2010): Brightest Day tie-in, this is The New Guardians, part 1, and in addition to Hal Jordan, it also features Sinestro, Star Sapphire, Larfleeze, and Saint Walker. Geoff Johns scripts. Doug Mahnke provides the artwork.


Brightest Day 6, 7, 22 (2010-2011): Three issues of the semi-monthly maxi-series. Issue #7 has a particularly striking Deadman cover by David Finch.


DC Universe: Legacies 8 (2011): Retells the emergence of Hal Jordan as Parallax. Len Wein scripts. A bonus story features a retelling of New Gods #1 and #2, scripted by Len Wein, with art by Frank Quitely.



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A group of comics with either Marshall Rogers art, Steve Englehart scripting, or both! :banana: A big chunk of the classic "Darknight Detective" run, plus the best of the post-Kirby Fourth World treatments. Madame Xanadu #1 and Silver Surfer #1 (1987) as bonus books.


Detective 466, 468-474, 479, Mr. Miracle 19-22, Madame Xanadu 1, Silver Surfer 1







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Alan Moore Lot


Bunch of good stuff:



  • Miracleman 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Superman Annual 11 "For the Man Who Has Everything"
  • Superman 423 "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"
  • Batman Annual 11
  • Swamp Thing 31, Annual 2, 34, 53
  • Tales of the GL Corps Annual 3








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[font:Century Gothic] All of Zonker's eBay Stuff [/font] :banana:





This lot now SOLD!


First up, a 1970s JLA Lot combined with some Secret Society issues :




Fun stuff, includes:


  • Phantom Stranger joins
  • First appearance of Freedom Fighters
  • JLA/JSA crossovers
  • Adam Strange appearance
  • JLA-JSA-Legion of Super-Heroes mega-crossover


These are also included in the lot:



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Free USA Shipping: Most books are 1984 or Earlier NOW SOLD!



In this lot you get


Action Comics 536 Omega Men appear

Action Comics 559

All-Star Sqadron 37 Superman vs. Shazam

Batman Family 10 Batwoman appears

Batman Family 14 Batwoman appears. Howard Chaykin Man-Bat

Batman Family 19 Mike Golden art on Batman.

Batman & Robin Adventures 1 Paul Dini story

Batman & Robin Adventures 2 Paul Dini story

Brave & Bold 190 Batman & Adam Strange - Infantino art

Brave & Bold 191 Batman & The Joker - Jim Aparo art

DC Comics Presents 46 first Global Guardians

Detective Comics 511 Don Newton art

Detective Comics 542 Gene Colan art

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 3 Paul Levitz/ Curt Swan

Superboy/Legion 213 Jim Shooter/ Mike Grell

Superman 291

Superman 308 Neal Adams cover

Superman 386 Gil Kane cover

Tales of the Legion 315

Worlds Finest 307



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15 DCs from 1970s/1980s NOW SOLD!


Note: minor foxing and other staining is common in this group of books.

In this lot you get


All-Star Comics 67

Brave & Bold 190

First Issue Special 13 - Return of the New Gods. Denny O'Neil scripts.

Forever People 4 - Jack Kirby, original series

Green Lantern 96 - Mike Grell cover & art. Co-Starring Green Arrow

Green Lantern 194 - Steve Englehart scripts.

House of Secrets 94 - Bernie Wrightson cover & interior inks

House of Secrets 117

Karate Kid 1 - Mike Grell cover

Mister Miracle 8 - Jack Kirby, original series

New Gods 11 - Jack Kirby, original series

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 1 - Denny O'Neil scripts

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 2 - Jim Starlin art

Star Trek 2

Swamp Thing 8 - Bernie Wrightson cover & art



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