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So how much are signatures worth?

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I met with someone this afternoon who showed me a copy of his "Superman Gallery 1" from mid-1993. He was very proud of it.


The cover was signed by Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Curt Swan, and a bunch of other artists whose work was in the book. There's a certificate asserting authenticity.


I can't tell if he got it at a convention or from QVC.


How can I determine how much this book should sell for?





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I don't collect much with signatures, but I'll chip in on the factors that affect overall selling value based on what I've heard. Anyone feel free to clarify my comments as appropriate.


1. value of the collectible itself without signatures.

2. the rarity of the signatures (more common sigs do not increase value necessarily)

3. where the signatures are located (I've heard the "best" place is on page 1, not on the cover)


I can't verify the value of your collectible; maybe others will chip in. BTW, CGC has a "Signature Series" but they have to be present when the collectible is signed and immediately turned over for grading.

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The sigs are nice, but to be worth anything, CGC or some similar group would have to actually"see" the sighnings take place. Certificates don't mean a whole lot. The book would, I imagine, have a intrinsic value to someone. Just a matter of finding the right group of people, and then , who knows?

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