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Is Hulk 181 a good read or a POS that just happens to be a key ?

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Umm, do you want to include the link so we can see the poll results, maybe? Perhaps you should have left this up to me... 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Ok, so we're both stupid, and our polls stink! 893frustrated.gif




David Berkowitz eat your heart out.

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Sort of, but if you remember, in this instance the voice I heard was yours !


I'm off to eat a few quarter pounders. I'll be back after I've sued someone.

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Allow me to field this one, my British friend.

Khaos, I choose Sanford and Son characters for my avatars, because Sanford & Son is my all time favorite sitcom. I've been looking desperately for a picture of Aunt Esther to use as my avatar, but I can't seem to find a good picture of her ugly mug anywhere!

GP, seeing as you're unfamiliar with the masterpiece known as Sanford and Son, allow me to educate you. The show was a sitcom from the late 70's, and was based on a man and his son who ran a junkyard in one of the ghettos of Los Angeles. The cranky old father, Fred, would always feign heart attacks when he was upset, and would refer to his son, Lamont as "dummy" in every other sentence. The occasional white character on the show was portrayed as a stupid, uptight "honky", and racial stereotypes were exploited in all their glory, for tremendous laughs!

The show was actually based on one of your British sitcoms, "Steptoe and Son". I don't know if you have ever seen that show.


Now, we're finally discussing something important on here! thumbsup2.gif

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