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Post your favorite Tick books here. I don't have a full run of first prints but I do have the two that I like a lot.

#12 SE



1st Spoon! signed and sketched by Edlund.


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All of them are SS by Ben and the #1 SE is double signed and SKETCHED :)


Hey Dan, when did you get that #4 SS'ed? I just didn't see it on the census yet. (And I've got my own #4 9.6 SS on the way myself!)

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wow... those are some nice books...

I have a raw SE in like VFNM, and a few random issues... I want to work on this run after I finish TMNT.


Are you guys reading the current Mangalicious series?

I'm, honestly, pretty bored with it. One more issue to go tho, and I kind of just wish it was already over.


I am, however, pretty excited for the new ongoing! That's next month, right? :)

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Highlights of my collection are SE 1 (CGC 9.2), SE 2 (CGC 9.4) and regular # 1, signed by Ben Edlund.


If anyone would like to sell me slabbed upgrades of the Special Editions or an uncut # 2 (raw or slabbed, VG or better), PM me.

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