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and my #4... a PLOD..but a really pretty PLOD....



Nice! Small amount of touch up is nothing for a well eye appeal Avengers 4.

Thank you!!,and i agree,and have thought many times about cracking it out..the color touch is two small white spots of either white-out or acrilic paint...easy 7.5 universal if removed..but the purple label doesnt really bother me that much on this book.

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hey,i'm in this club via both books....from my personal collection.


subscription crease,and a small spot of amateur color touch on the top red edge hurt this book,otherwise it's a beauty...



That's well preserved copy. :applause: I have a hard time selling my books because I'm so attached to them.




I know what you mean... I sold three of my Avengers #1s last year and it hurt like hell.

I keep buying Avengers #4s with the intention of upgrading, but somehow I never get round to selling my undercopies :roflmao:

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Cheetah has obviously blown everyone out of the water, as expected. Anyhow, here's my contributions.





This is my first copy of #4 ($32 in 1992).




And I upgraded to this:




Not quite as impressive as Cheetah's, but pretty freakin' good!

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