I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)
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I had been looking for a second copy, but now I realized this one is very special. How will I ever find another like this one?





Send it to me since it's a defect. Don't need that nasty thing messing up your other books. :whistle:

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I love this thread. I used to see Dave every year at Dragon Con in Atlanta and the Betty Page look-a-like contests were awesome. I was still a teenager then and had no idea that people "sketched" or did commissions and I never really had a lot of money to spend back then but he was always an awesome individual to see. I got several items signed, at least one or two books every year and have one sketchbook of his from those days as well. I really do miss him.


I know there was a lot of talk at the beginning of this thread about missing out on Dave Stevens SS books, does anyone know if ANYONE ever actually got one? I've been curious about this for a long time....



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