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Wizard World Philly

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I'm not 100% sure about the Hilton being across the st. I know there is a Marriot and a number of other hotels in the area, but I'd have to look into it. Obviously, if they indicate they're across the street on their website, then they are... I just don't recall seeing a Hilton there.


My thoughts exactly. I attended the con last year and can't remember seeing a Hilton. Thanks for trying.

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I'll be at the WizWorld Philly, where you eatin?



A GURL in the He-Man Woman's Hater's Club? grin.gif Coises! We'll all have to be on best behavior.

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The Forum Dinner for Wizard World Philly will be held at Maggiano's at 12th and Filbert st., basically across the street from the Pennsylvania Con Center.


I would like to see how many people are going to attend, so over the rest of April, all those who have not indicated yet whether they are going to attend, please indicate so. By the end of April, I'll go into Maggiano's and talk to the manager about possibly having a private room since we have such a large group.


It looks to me like Saturday is the best day. Like Shadroch, I've also contemplated a trip later that night to AC... and I can certainly provide some people interested in transportation.


I'm looking forward to this show a lot...!


Arch, could you or one of the mods move this up as a sticky at the top of the board so I don't have to keep bumping it... over the course of the next two months, I'm sure this con will be a topic.

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On May 1st I plan on meeting with the management over at Maggiano's to make a reservation for our group at 6:30 PM on Saturday May 22nd.


As such, I'm hoping to get a fairly accurate head count so I can let them know how many we'll be, and given the size of our party, as much notice as possible.


I hope to see many of you there! Please feel free to PM me or email me at:




Here's the list so far:



Paul Litch






Flying Donut


Red Skull





Possibles for dinner?






Hopefully... we'll see:




Ted VanLiew

and others...


I hope to organize something for friday night so those of us who will be around aren't just sitting around... however, I doubt I'll be there very much during the day on Friday (unfortunately, I'll be mid jury trial then), but maybe an informal dinner followed by drinks or maybe an AC trip? who knows... if anyone has thoughts on Friday night, please suggest those things too.

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I just booked my acela tickets... 5 hours of movie watching and game playing glory as the miles roll buy. I get in at 11:00 which will give me enough time to get to the hotel, drop off my bags, go to morimoto for lunch and then head over to the show in the early afternoon...


Yes, I'm officially excited cloud9.gif

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I have never eaten at Morimoto, but I have heard that it is pretty good. They serve Sushi correct? If so, then maybe I should give them a try while I am in town.


Sushi is cloud9.gif


Top sushi and world class neo-Japanese cuisine masterfully prepared by an Iron Chef... since I'm a long time fan of the show, that's double cloud9.gif

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