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Wizard World Philly

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I can only echo everybody else's reports. A fabulous time was held by all, and it was good to finally meet people I've been corresponding with for a year and a half.


For those of you who I talked to at the show, here's the reason I wasn't there at the show on Saturday. Black belt at 8!





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OK...Here's my Con Report (although there isn't a whole lot of comic sales info in this sorry.gif):


Once again, WizardWorld Philly was a great show. Tons of dealers set up, but as others mentioned, the guestlist wasn't quite up to par w/ last years.


Got to the show at opening on Saturday, and as normal w/ Wizard Show, the lines were a giant cluster- 893censored-thumb.gif. Once they started letting people in though, it moved pretty smoothly.


First thing I did was head to Bob's booth to pick up one of the 4 books on my show want list, FF#60. Bob had two copies on his site that I was interested in, so he brought both for me to check out. I ended up buying a graded 9.2 over the 9.0 (which was very nice as well) as the cover was slightly whiter. Sweet book that I've been looking for for a long time now. Kudos and thanks to Bob!


Next I moved to Koop's booth (as luck would have it, he was right across from Bob) to pick up some Miracleman issues (#16 & 24) that he and I had discussed about a month ago. Unfortunately, Koop couldn't find them. foreheadslap.gif He said he may have left them at home, so I'll pick those up from him at the next Tyson's show.


I then stopped by the CGC booth and said whats up to Peter Dixon, Kevin Boyd, Shawn, and Gemma. Showed Shawn my "Wanted" page as I hadn't taken it to Florida with me during my April visit. Ran into some forumites, including Foolkiller, Dam, and Lantern.


I was then off to look for artwork and a MM #15. First stop was Artist's Alley to get on the list for my favorite convention artist, Andy Lee. I had him do a "Death" to go along w/ the "Morpheus" he did last Philly, and a Miracleman. He was set up right next to my other favorite con artist, Buzz. This guy is a trip and is so much fun to talk to (don't bring the kids around him! smile.gif). Talked with him for awhile about an "Endless" drawing he was working on that I am going to buy once he complete's it. His artwork is truly amazing!


Next, I headed to Albert Moy's booth to look at "Planetary" pages. Didn't buy one right then, but ended up buying a piece later (Issue #12, Page 17 for those interested). I asked Albert to hold the page and have John (Cassady) sign it, which he was more than happy to do. Thanks Albert!


I walked thru the aisles looking for Miracleman #15, and found one at Gary Platt's booth. I got him to knock a good bit off the sticker price when I offered up a Batman #608 (9.8) along with cash for the book. (Thanks House!)


After bumping back into Foolkiller, Dam, and the Gemstone guys (Tom and Arnold, or is it Arnoldt? tongue.gif), we headed out to lunch (see Dave's pics). Stopped by the hotel and ran into RobReact, who was on his way to the show. Chatted with him for a few and found out where he was going to be set up at the show. Lunch was fun, and we had some good and funny conversation about quite a few topics. smile.gif I had a hoagie.


Back to the show, and the CGC booth. Still no sign of Steve or Paul, so I decided to find out where they were. Once I did, I met up with them and said "Hey". Showed Steve my "Wanted" page. It was great to finally have something that Steve was envious of (well, besides dashing good looks 27_laughing.gif). Paul and Steve were really busy, so after about two minutes they had to go back into the grading room.


Back up to the show to see if anything caught my eye. I walked by the "Splashart" booth, and stopped when I noticed they were the rep for Ben Templesmith, and they had numerous pages from "30 Days of Night" and related series. The booth was run by Mark Hay, who turned out to be one of the nicest guys in the world. I talked with him for a while and told him about my recent intro into the orig art world. He looked thru my portfolio and when he saw all the Risso pieces, he asked me if I was into Hellblazer. Of course I am! Turns out that Mark is also the rep for Marcel Freisen (sp?) who drew the book during the Azzarello run, and whose art I really like. I flipped thru a bunch of pages and finally bought a page (sorry can't remember the issue # -- I'll edit this once I get home) that I can best describe as "Constantine being Constantine".


Near the end of the show, we reconvened at CGC booth, where I met Doug (Capt. Tripps)! A night or two before the show, I had jokingly posted for him to bring his FF#5 to the show for me to oggle. Imagine my surprise when he says, "Hey, I brought something for you. I'll show it to you at dinner...."


Fast forward to dinner.....


The Forum Dinner was a blast! It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones. I drank in my typical fashion, so I was feeling pretty good the whole time. Dinner was great (ask Bruce about the Chicken Marsala!). But, the highlight came when Tripps broke out the "surprises". He says, "Here you go Chris", and hands me the White Mountain FF#5 (9.4)!!! 893whatthe.gif And unbelievable book, adn my Grail Book. Stunning. As I told some friend later, the only thing wrong with it was that it wasn't quite as nice as the FF#1 (9.6) he pulled out after that! shocked.gifshocked.gifshocked.gif I can't even find new books that are that nice!


After dinner, a few of us hung around and went and picked up some books for Greggy that CGC had graded on-site. I helped Bruce load them into his car, and got to meet Bruce's wife (Kim), who was really nice and see Bruce's good-looking kids! smile.gif


Bruce left with them, and I headed back to Maggiano's where there were a few stragglers from dinner. Steve and Paul "convinced" me to do a shot of vodka before we closed the place up. tongue.gif


After that, Foolkiller, RobReact, Shadroch, and myself headed over the Marriott hotel bar and drank and talked until about 2 in the am. Great guys, and a great time.


Love the Wizard Show, but meeting all you guys is always the best part!


Thanks to everyone. I had a blast! thumbsup2.gif



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Just like Chris, my "report" will not contain any sales info either. sorry.gif


I got to Philly on Friday afternoon with intentions of hitting the show, but I never made it. Ended up sitting in the Hard Rock drinking beer well past 6 when the show closed up. After that, we hit a martini bar in the hotel lobby and drank some more.


Saturday I avoided the lines and arrived at the show around 11ish. Much like Chris I went to the Blazing Ones table first. I wanted to check out the Boston pedigree Captain America books; unfortunately, when I got there he had sold all but the #103, which I bought. I had hoped to have a shot at the #110, but the other Brian (foolkiller) had beaten me to it. While at Bob's table I ran into Chrisco, DAM60, and Foolkiller. Did the meet and great and then went our seperate ways. Which I now regret doing, because I missed out on having lunch with them and the gang from Gemstone.


My next stop was the Devil's Due table where current G.I. Joe artists Tim Seely and Stefano Caselli were doing sketches. I had both do me a torso/head sketch of Cobra Commander. Right next to the Devil's Due table was the DC/Vertigo table where you could glance through the up coming issues of Fables, Y, Bulletts, and the other Vertigo titles. Next booth over was View Askew where the wife and I got a picture with Dante from Clerks, he said something about how he was not supposed to be there but I did not really hear what it was. tongue.gif


Saturday night I went to the forum dinner. In brief, I held the FF 1 9.6 that 'Trips brought and, after a quick change of underpants, drank a lot of beer and talked with a lot of people.


Sunday it was back to the show. My first stop was Buzz's table where I was on the wait list from the day before, but he apparently had to much fun Saturday night and did not show up until after 1:00, so no sketch for me. Instead, I hoped over to Andy Lee's table and had him do his take on Cobra Commander. It is quite interesting to say the least. At this point I could report on the sales of low to mid grade Wonder Woman books, but I am not sure that anyone cares about my wife's reading habits, so I will spare everyone.


Foolkiller and I met up at Bob's table and worked out a deal that landed me the Cap 110. Thanks Brian, I promise that I will give it a good home. If I ever decide to sell it you will be the first to know.


Swung by the Wizard Trivia Contest where the wife and I played for a chance at big, big prizes. My question, What is the name of the street that the Simpsons' live on? Her question, in the early issues of Fables who did Prince Charming have a sword fight with? Needless to say, we both won. What constitutes a big, big prize in the eyes of Wizard magazine you ask, I got a Wizard 1/2 Fathom and she got a Wizard 1/2 Spider-Girl. If you think that is funny, ask Chrisco what he won. Then it was off to artists row where my wife charmed her way into some free sketches from assorted artists. Next stop was Rob Reacts table. I had not gotten a chance to talk with Rob at the forum dinner, so it was nice to chat without the distractions of an open bar, a dozen forumites, and the awe inspiring books that Captain Trips had brought. While Rob and I talked he hooked the wife up with some really awesome sketches. Thanks Rob!


Unfortunately, I had a 2 hour plus drive and a 7:00 am Monday meeting to get ready for, so we were gone before 2:00.


Thanks again to Brian (foolkiller) for setting up the dinner, to Dave (DAM60) for introducing me to Buzz, to Rob for doing some awesome sketches for my wife's 5th grade class, to Chrisco for the Marriott deal, and to Steve, Paul, and Mark for taking the time to talk with a collector.

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Great pics Dam. Thanks for sharing! cool.gif


Ooopss, forgot to say I 'preciated the pics too, thanks Dam!!


However, I didn't see any good "Add your own Comic Caption" pics like last year though, may have to dig up the old one of you and Steve...where is that one.... 27_laughing.gif

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Great pics Dam. Thanks for sharing! cool.gif


Ooopss, forgot to say I 'preciated the pics too, thanks Dam!!


However, I didn't see any good "Add your own Comic Caption" pics like last year though, may have to dig up the old one of you and Steve...where is that one.... 27_laughing.gif


27_laughing.gif that was hilarious - why is Steve's hand on my leg? tongue.gif


I live for the pics too so I am happy to throw some up here when I can smile.gif

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I live for the pics too so I am happy to throw some up here when I can


You're dangerous with that camera. So much for being the CGC "Fourth man".

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