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Neil took a nice book off my hands at the con. He was concerned that I could get more for it than he was offering, and wanted to make SURE I was happy with the sale... and I was :) Better by far to sell to a great person and give them a deal that makes them happy :)

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I am a big Michael Turner fan and wanted a SS CGC of his work. Neil had a Aspen Turner Variant 9.8 CGC SS. He worked with me and allowed time payments. After setting up the payment plan, we kept in contact with each other through the whole process.


I finally finished paying it off. Neil immediately shipped it. USPS left a notice in my mailbox. After a few days of agita because my local post office couldn't find it (they sent it to another post office that doesn't cover my area), I finally have it in my possession. The slab was packed with care and looks great.


I plan on dealing with Neil again!



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