EVENT POSTING- MAKE THEM CALENDAR ITEMS, name, date, city in the TITLES please.

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Just a few days into the New Year and this thread is already shaping up to be the Thread of the Year for 2014. :golfclap:




It has been a running joke for about 4 or 5 years now. :gossip: This is a remote corner

of the forums that is like a secret room and only the truly bored venture into. :hi:

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This is to collect all upcoming events. In order to help people find events, let's follow some basic guidelines:


1) Put the NAME the DATE and the CITY in the title



2) ALWAYS click "List as event in calendar" in the check boxes at the bottom before submitting. This will make the post show up as an event in the "calendar" link at the top



Note that this is also the place to organize forum get togethers, and even to have discussion threads related specifically to events. e.g. "Has anyone been to XXXX? Is it good for golden age stuff?"







Well I have to say that is sound advice! :golfclap:

It sure is! For 10 years now, I have been returning to this thread when I feel the need for some direction in my life. :)

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