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Thanks, AF. Definitely not the most valuable of what has been posted. PLus George (somewhereintexas) who I got this from, has done a 9.8 cast signed. (worship)


No Harrison Ford. I don't know if any of the books to be cracked for Ford got done or not, that was a little bit of a SNAFU. It has Hamill, Fisher, Daniels, Prowse, Mayhew and Kenny Baker

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Thanks, AF. Definitely not the most valuable of what has been posted.


Really? I'm no expert in this area of collecting but you got me curious, what would you say trumps your 6 cast signed 9.6 SW 1?


Shame it doesn't have Ford, hope you can get him to sign it sometime. Lucas too but does he even sign books?

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Just in this thread, the Harrison Ford, Batman 200, Stephen King and Full Cast Signed WD book. Plus maybe some of the Toronto books if someone gets froggy. I will take some more pics when i get home. Celeb books are :luhv: !

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Been a little bit out of touch the last few days, so I'm running late to the party. I thought for sure there would be a Star Trek cast signed book in there somewhere, but the only one I saw was Medicar's signed by Nimoy and Shatner. Here's my best one from the original series. I also have some STNG signed by seven, but haven't had a chance to scan them yet.




And here's the Star Wars book that Sean was referring to:



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@ Jason.


Who signed the GoT and Terminator books. A little tough to see from the pics.


Game of Thrones-Jason Momoa




Lena Heady TV

Michael Biehn Movie

Linda Hamilton Movie

Richard Jones Tv

Thomas Dekker Tv

Summer Glau Tv

Edward Furlong Movie

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Love this thread so far...

Here is my favorite as ESB is my favorite movie...

Signed by:

Mayhew - Chewie

Bulloch - Boba Fett

Prowse - Vader

Daniels - C3-PO

Kershner - Director (RIP)

Williams - Lando

Baker - R2-D2

Hamill - Luke

Fisher - Leia


My basic thought from start to finish is that I am only adding the integral names to the book, so no AT-AT Commanders...lol


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Transfomers 9.9 (only 9.9 signed by Shia)

Signed by Shia Lebeouf


Yes, it is available for sale or trade, first time I have showed it off...I think have some 9.8s too if anyone is interested...


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awesome awesome thread!


Here are my contributions -


Lucky enough to have a Chris Evans signature thanks to Adonis




In that vein, I got this on ebay and the letter that came with it. Certainly a nice book, one I believe I can bet on who all the signatures are, but without SS no way to verify of course.






I purchased this next book with Joss Whedon's signature already on it, thanks to another boardie, comic book guy and "finished it" :)




Hugh Jackman visited Toronto and I was able to add him to a sweet book -




And to round it out, I had a chance to meet the actors from my favorite movie and had Cpl Hicks/Michael Biehn and Bishop/Lance Henriksen sign my book -




Big big thanks goes out to everyone who helped me to attain what I have in my collection. :cloud9:

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