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Question for desert wind comics

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In DWC defense, its takes most facilitators some time to get invoice numbers or updates out.



I figured that. This was my first submission so i wasnt sure how the process went as far as getting updates on the grading process. I assumed it would show up under my user cp like my other submissions to cgc. Ill wait it out. I am extremely grateful there is someone like DWC can get sigs for me.

The books will be on their account most likely so the only way to track is to call CGC once you get an invoice number.
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Hello desert wind comics this is my first time wanting to get some books signed. I have a few questions.


Firstly I noticed that dwc announced Stan lee signing on nov 10 so my question is how does this work? Do I have to buy a pass from the dwc site (the 45 dollar pass?)

If I do have to how many signatures is the pass good for can I have more than one book signed by mr lee?


How do I get my books to dwc? How do I Mail them to you is there an address I am given to send out these books? Can I send more than one book and if yes how many can I send out?


What is the deadline for sending out books to you?


If there is a particular book that I want signed but I do not own it is there a way for me to buy the book directly from dwc to avoid losing any time?


Do the books get sent to get Cgc by dwc after the signing or is that up to me to decide?


If I got a book signed by one author but don't want to get it Cgc because I would eventually want it to be signed by someone else is that possible?


Anyone can pm me (or dwc) if it is easier I am very interested in getting a few books signed by Stan the man!


To begin if you plan to mail in books to be signed then the ticket for sale does NOT apply to mail-in submissions. The mail-in submission prices are listed in our website under the Stan Lee signing prices HERE.


You can mail us as many books as you want. The price listed on the website is for each book. We have a few customers that send us up to 100 books at a time.


The mail-in submission deadline is November 2nd. All books must arrive in our office by that date.


DWC does not handle the sell of books (i.e. ASM 129) to customers. DWC does have a specific issue that has been signed by STan and is sold in the DWC Webstore (i.e. Amazing Fantasy 15 reprint).


You tell us if you want the book CGC graded or returned to you raw after it is signed. NOTE that once signed the book MUST be immediately submitted to CGC for grading if you wish the book to be graded by CGC. If a book is returned to a customer raw then that book may NOT be submitted to CGC for grading and authenticating of the signature after that point.


If you wish the book to be signed by another person at a different show or event after Stan then the book must be graded first and then resubmitted for signing by the other person.

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As you can imagine our schedule was insane up to now. We had 2 days between the McFarlane signing and leaving for New York. And due to the overwelming number of submissions members of DWC had to stay in New York until Wednesday which only gave us 1 day in the office before we had to leave for the Dallas show. So we apologize for the delay in responding to both PM's and e-mails. We are now working overtime to get the invoice numbers to customers as well as charge credit cards and send out Paypal invoices. Thank you for your patience.

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