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On-site grading question

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Steve mentioned in another post that CGC would probably be doing on site grading at the Baltimore Con. I'm just curious what the price tiers are for this service.


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Sorry I didn't get this up before Baltimore, but the same prices will apply for the New York National (Nov. 19-21)

Our pricing for on-site grading is as follows (this is based upon last-year’s pricing and may change):

Moderns - $20

Economy - $45

Standard - $75

Express - $125

Walkthru - $175 minimum otherwise 2.5%

If you haven't submitted before, this is not a problem for us, you just want to check out the requirements of each of our Tiers of Service on our Services and Submission page to determine where your books belong. I would suggest getting to the convention as early as possible for on-site grading as we can only handle a limited number of books each day. We do offer an internet submission form specifically for On-site grading which is located on our Events page under the convention where it will be offered. I recommend filling this out before bringing your books to the show as it will speed up the submission process. We can’t guarantee that the books will be completed in the same day, but every effort will be made to return them to you before the end of the convention.

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