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Your Top 5 sketch covers in your collection?
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My first sketch cover (and one of the first sketch covers ever as part of the first HERO 100 project that launched the sketch cover era). This book introduced me to Clayton Crain (and System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan). This book was also my first commission - I asked Crain to the back cover which was a Best of the Best Ghost Rider sketch cover winner.






The front cover of this book was my second sketch cover and commission. Crain recently added a full figure to the back cover.






After seeing Crain's work on the Carnage miniseries, I had to have a Carnage commission. This one was done on the back of an Ultimate Spider-Man 100 variant and won the Best of the Best Carnage sketch cover award.




I love Asian-themed Wolverine sketch covers and Ken Haeser killed this one.




Last, but certainly not least is another Clayton Crain masterpiece which won the Best of the Best Hulk sketch cover.




I know this is a "Top 5" thread but forgive me if I share a few more.






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Whilce Portacio used this image for the cover of his sketch book.




Francesco Mattina killed this Doom for the HERO Initiative




This Clayton Crain is the current Best of the Best Ghost Rider sketch cover champion.




My favorite character, my favorite artist and Best of the Best Beast sketch cover winner. I love this book.




Clayton Crain's Weapon X Hero Initiative masterpiece




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this book has my two favorite characters on it. snake and the punisher. i finally got it finished and back from cgc. thanks to dan,ken haeser,andrew (gacollectables ) mr harmon,romita sr, john carpenter and sharon rice.


















really hard to pick five.

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So many great sketches everyone! I just started so not as good as the rest of yours but it's a start! I'm super happy with them and can't wait to get more done!


I had my first three commissioned last year by Tom Hodges @ PHXCC and then three more this year @ PHXCC (been out of the country for almost 4 months for work so made it back just in time!)


These three are from Tom last year:






... this one is from Val Hochberg this year:




... this one from Andy Carreon this year:



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Still have a few sketches in the works or at cgc. My top 5 out of what I have in hand now:






Philip Tan




JG Jones











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So hard to choose. This obviously will change and depends on what I've got in photobucket at the moment, but I'll go with the following 5:


This Robert Atkins won me my Best of the Best Snake Eyes title:



Clay Mann on a Troy blank, he just felt like adding the logo for fun:



Jim Cheung is such a spectacular talent. Got this before DC was putting out blanks:



The Chris Bachalo goes with a special story that I posted back in 2011, but very short version is this is one of my faves because my wife and I got to hang out with Chris for an hour and chat while he started it:



Last, but not least, I've always wanted a sketch from Lee Bermejo and was so excited when he showed up at C2E2 last year. He wasn't taking commissions, but doing incredible free sketches. My favorite freebie ever:


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