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893scratchchin-thumb.gif I have a Question what was the first Pre-Hero Marvel when did it all start and what does it take to be a pre-hero marvel does it have to have a Big Monster like Fin Fang Foom in it or is science fiction and Horor also part of Pre-Hero marvel I know my eairler Strange Tales didn't have the Big Monster Storys just mostly Horor are they considered Pre-Hero marvels. When I hear Pre-Hero Marvel I think BIG MONSTERS what does everyone else think about this? Hear is a Strange Tales #49 anyway have a look cool.gif





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And yet another.....

So did kids really wear TIES to school in 1961??

You don't see THAT much these days....unless the kid is achin' for a major leage asswhuppin'.





I love these books, don't get me wrong but that's such a silly cover!

"I tell you I'm convinced that hostile life does exist on other planets!"


Uh, yeah, just look out of the window teach! foreheadslap.gif

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They're completely goofy, that's what's so endearing.


I mean, the guy who's razzing the kid and calling him "Teacher's Pet" is wearing a BOW TIE. Yep, standard issue for most schoolyard bullies! The "East Side Bow Tie-ers" were the most feared gang in the 'hood makepoint.gif

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