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Okajima pedigree
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Here are the known Camp era books


"Okajima" -script, no date, no code

Starting Comics #24 (released around 10/43)


No "Okajima" -script, hand written date and code

Human Torch #14 1-1-44 "1y" (no -script)


Original "Okajima" -script with date notation

Air Fighters Comics V2 #7 (2/22/44) "2j"

Black Terror #6 (3/11/44) "2q"

Zip Comics 46 (3/18/44) "2R"

Marvel Mystery Comics #55 (3/18/44) "2R"

Super Magician v3#1 (3/29/44) "2T"

Captain Aero Comics #15 (V3 #13) (3/29/44) "2T"

Boy Comics #16 (4/1/44) "2u"

Police Comics #31 (4/8/44) "2x"

Fightin' Yank #8 (4/8/44) "2x"

Flash Comics #54 (4/11/44) "2xz (you can see she used the code over, and then corrected it to "z"

Captain Marvel Jr. 19 (4/15/44) "3A"

Captain America Comics 39 (4/20/44) "3D"

Master Comics 51 (4/25/44) "3H"

Jungle Comics 54 (4/29/ 44) "3J"

Superman #29 (5/4/44) code unknown

Shadow Comics V4 #3 (5/6/44) "3m"

Captain America Comics 40 (5/9/44) "3o"

Captain Marvel Jr. 20 (5/16/44) "3q"

Startling Comics #28 (5/23/44) "3R"

Marvel Mystery Comics 57 (5/24/44) "3R"

Captain Midnight #21(5/24/44) "3R"

More Fun Comics 98 (5/29/44) "3T"

Fight Comics #33 (5/29/44) "3T"

Military Comics 31 (5/30/44) "3u"

Rangers 13 (6/3/44) "3w"

Captain America Comics #41 (6/23/44) "3z"

Mystery Comics 2 (8/9/44) "4o" (also notes "Camp 3")


-script Date w/code, No "Okajima" no date stamp

Captain Marvel Jr #23 (8/26/44) coded 4u

Whiz Comics #58 (4-22-44) coded 4T "Camp I"


No date stamp, w/okajima -script, no date note

Sensation Comics 35 (Aprox. On Sale Date: September 7, 1944) [4x note]


Switches to datestamp

Mystery Comics 4 (10/21/44)

Shadow Comics v4n9 (11/11/44)

So Is Sensation 35 the latest know camp era book?


Are there any post '44 examples of the "Okajima" -script?

(I know the ped goes beyond 44, but all the examples I've found so far have the "code" mark as opposed to the early -script notes.


Are there more examples of the '44 "Date stamp" type beyond the Mystery Comics 4?

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Take a look at this thread - http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=5590462&fpart=1


I didn't go back through it but it may be helpful.


I own the BT 6 - my only Okajima.


thanks for the direction, I went back and updated the list based on books in the thread and the other sites... the coding is interesting... definitely corresponds to the calendar date (books with same written date have same code)


Reading thru that thread it looks like the full story is unknown (who did the markings and such).


To me I think one reason the markings arent from the Px manager is cause you can see there are dates very close together sometimes, and I wouldnt think they'd be getting comic/magazine deliveries more than once a week, so that makes me think the dates are more likely related to when the girl BOUGHT the books and took them home, since sometimes she might buy books on consecutive days, and other times there'd be a longer gap between purchases...


Considering the 3 way distribution this ped experienced when they were sold at that estate sale, its interesting to see where the gaps are in the code (i.e. when it goes from 3c to 3f, you have to assume there's probably a 3d and a 3e out there (or maybe more than one)).


All fun hunting....

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Anyone else have a '44 book that isnt on the list?


I've been thru the pedigree site, been thru these forums (went waaaaaaay back and found 1-2 more that werent listed elsewhere) , been thru the census, been thru google image search... just working my way thru the corners of the internet trying to find more samples.


The only hiccup in her coding appears to be:


Startling Comics #28 (5/23/44) "3R"

Marvel Mystery Comics 57 (5/24/44) "3R"

Captain Midnight #21(5/24/44) "3R"


Where she used two dates (5/23 and 24) but gave them all the same "3R" code. Otherwise it was always new date/new code or same date/same code.


I'd love to fill in all the blank spots from A-Z in the list... I'd also love to figure out what changed between August and October to change the books notations (no "Okajima" no code, just -script date written) and when why it went back to the -script & code with the Sensation 35.


There is just ONE book so far, the Mystery Comics 2, that I've found with the unique "Camp 3" info added.


All of the writing looks to be in the same hand between the date, the code and the "Okajima"


Also considering the internment order came back in 1942 I wonder if there are any other Okajima books pre-1944. The Startling 24 has a cover date around Oct/Nov of 1943, and has the Okajima notation, but the collector hadn't started using her code yet, nor noting the date.


Just so interesting. The fact that this collection was broken into thirds when it was discovered/sold makes me wonder if there's a stash out there somewhere of one of the thirds.

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Hi Peter! Yes, its a beauty.


Here are a couple of 44's.





Ever thought of going after the Zip Comics 46 (3/18/44) "2R"


Then you'd have her full order from that day (as far as we know)... :baiting:

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new finds, need more information, and/or scans


7 more Okajima '44s, and two early '45s (trying to see when coding ended)

from GPA


Okajima '44 sales in GPA that were not shown elsewhere.

I've noted the book, its grade, and the recorded sales date

  • Captain Marvel Adventures (1941-1953) No. 36(CGC 6.0, Sept '02)
  • Fight Comics (1940-1954) No. 33 CGC 8.0 March '10)
  • Mystery Comics (1944) No. 1 (CGC 9.0) Mar '03)
  • Shadow Comics (1940-1949) No. 1 (Vol 4) CGC 7.0 Sept '04
  • Shadow Comics (1940-1949) No. 9 (Vol 4) CGC 8.0 Oct '10
  • Star Spangled Comics (1941-1952) No. 33 CGC 7.0 May '03
  • Wow Comics #29 (vol 1) CGC 6.0 Jun '03
  • Wow Comics #33 (vol 1) CGC 8.0 Feb'03 (early '45?)
  • Wow Comics #34 (vol 1) CGC 7.5 Feb '04 (early '45?)

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