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My very modest comic related collection highlighted by the CORRECTLY painted Moon Knight. (I also have the full set of HarryHausen monsters)


I've had that Bats & Marving for at least 20 years; purchased at the Warner Bros. store in NYC in about 1993. Yes, the ear tips on Bats are broken from many moves over the years. :( I've never seen another one. Marvin is about 2.5 feet tall.



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Sorry for the cråppy celphone pix.


This is my Yellow Sub shrine with the Yellow Sub banks from the 60s. For scale, you can see the YS vinyl record sleeve in the middle background.



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King Features Syroco series from the 40s. Trying to upgrade a few of those as well as score some ones I still need from the "Great Americans" series (lower left with Lincoln, Washington, etc.). In the middle are the Pinnochio syroco plaques, and the ones on the lower right front are the Indian Totem Poles that were offered as Quaker Puffed Wheat cereal premiums from the Sgt. Preston radio show.




Hard to see him in the bottom middle there, but that's Capt. Marvel and at the tippy top are a couple of the original boxes that the King Features ones came in.

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My wife has taken an interest in dressing up MODOK, except she calls him MODOF (Mental Organism Designed Only for Fabulousness):




And yes, that is a straw she got from a bachelorette party. :facepalm::headbang:


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