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My first real "grail".


I had 3 issues of GR I got off the spinner rack as a kid (24,26 and 53) and read them a thousand times over the years. When I got into "real" collecting in '85 I learned that I could get GR back issues and finally have more adventures to read! After completing another childhood favorite from the 70's (Star Wars 1-6) I began working on Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider was my first true completest goal and finally getting a Marvel Spotlight #5 in '86 or '87 (I'm old, I don't remember well) was almost magical! I've never upgraded it, but here it is:




So, ya, I had my Ghost Rider collection completed before the reboot with Danny. That saved me a ton of bucks looking back on it :)

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A new club???? Sure! lol


There should be a rehab group for joining clubs. Maybe call it CCA? Comic clubs anonymous?


Hi I am Frankie and I am addicted to joining comic clubs and feel like I NEED to be in every Marvel one.

Hiiiiiiiiii Frankieeeeeeeee. :insane:




That said, I agree it's a key book worth a thread. Here's mine. (thumbs u



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