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wow, another club? Why is he so unpopular? Anyway, here's my copy of Marvel Spotlight # 5. I was surprised how this comic is now rapidly becoming more expensive: A year ago, when I wanted it for my collection, 4.0 cost a little less than $ 300. In June 2020, it cost me a little over $ 400. And now it costs over $ 700. Why is this book getting so expensive?


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With the most recent sales, now the $6185 on March 13 for the 9.0 is looking very stale.   As for what higher grades go for, data suggests a 9.2 could be a 5-figure book now?   Then what about 9.4, 9.6, or (gasp) 9.8?   9.4 and above are like NEVER for sale, so that could make things even wilder, but then again justified because they are like unicorns.   Even 9.2 has been a rare sighting the past few months.  

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