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Did you buy them off the stands or hunt them down?


I had to hunt them down. I have more, but they are buried in boxes waiting for me to scan them someday. I remember picking up Marvel Movie Showcase 1,2 with $1.50 cover prices and Return of the Jedi 1-4 with $0.75 covers, so I know I have them buried in boxes. I believe the Return of the Jedi comics are relatively common for Canadian priced comics, maybe the most common of the Canadian price issues. I believe some of these $0.75 Return of the Jedi issues may have been sold in the U.S. in those 4 packs.


I have not had any luck tracking down the Canadian priced Ewoks or Droids comics. Someone should post pictures of their Star Comics Ewoks and Droids Canadian priced issues. :) I'm in the market for purchasing any of them if someone is willing to part with them...

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Here is Star Wars Droids first issue 95 cent Canadian Price variant





Seriously, cool book. A hard book to track down too. (worship) I cannot imagine how hard the latter Ewok books must be to find with the Canadian price.

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