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Game of Thrones -- Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister)



Also recently got this CGC photo, a sexy pose of Lena Headey. I got it from another boardie (starting on eBay). This is the first CGC photo I've bought. I like the way the photo comes in a 3 ring binder format.


I can't wait for the beginning of the next season of Game of Thrones!




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DScott's Recent Sale


So recently Doug Scott had a major sale. I discovered it late but just in time. To my surprise most of the books (and every one I wanted) were still available, and just that morning Doug offered 10% off anything that was left. http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=7592277&fpart=1


I'd been watching this one for a while. I picked up a Dijana Granov sketch cover of Gwen and MJ a couple months back (see above if you want to see it). I think I got that one from Doug too. Anyway, after buying that one I searched eBay for other Granov covers and found this one. I liked it, but not enough to pull the trigger. With Doug's sale price and the extra 10% off (making it cost $158), it was too good to pass up.







I've become a big Walking Dead fan of both the TV series and the comics. My collecting goal with WD is to buy the keys, some sketch covers, and covers signed by the actors but the covers have to have a good depiction of the character. I was shocked when I saw this one on sale. One of the best covers of Andrea, signed by Laurie Holden in a great spot. Okay only CGC 9.6 but still! With the 10% off it was $135.






This is a fun cover by Anthony Castrillo. Two characters, color, CGC 9.8, only $225 after the 10% off. Really happy to pick this one up.









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Great journal! I like your view on restoration.


GL Finishing your original marvel runs. I have a full DD run and am 1 away from an x-men and 2 from an iron man (counting ToS) and just a few more issues short on strange tales for my doc strange run. I have most of the SA and early bronze issues of hulk, cap, and avengers - just missing a lot of late bronze and copper age. Unfortunately, I don't have as much spidey and ff...yet.

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Grail Comics When You’re Over Your Budget


Lately a lot of great GA comics have been offered on the boards. So what do you do when one of your grails is offered for a good price and you’ve already blown through your budget?


A couple high grade Wings were offered up by a boardie a few weeks ago. Both had classic Bob Lubbers covers. Wings #87 is one of my grail books. I’ve always liked #85 too. Both were nice looking CGC 8.5 (the scans don’t do them justice), higher grades than I ever thought I would have in my collection.


The seller offered them for a reasonable price. I decided to dig deep and go for it. When would I ever get the chance again at these books in this grade, at such an affordable price?


I made an offer. The buyer countered. I countered with a lower price of $25. Then I thought, what the heck was I doing? I’m going to risk losing these books for $25? I was certain another boardie was going to scoop these books up, I’d just been lucky to see the post pretty early on (by the way, do you ever root for more for sale posts to be added to take the for sale post you’re interested in off right side of the page?). So a few minutes later I told the seller I’d take his offer.


So here they are (the scans do not do them justice).








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Pax East Boston, April 2014


This weekend I took my daughter and her 2 friends to Pax East in Boston. Pax is a big gaming convention. It shares some similarities with big comic conventions. For one, tickets sold out within a few hours of going on sale. For another, it was really crowded. Here's a couple of pictures:










To be honest, I didn't have much to do. I'm not into gaming. And unlike anime/manga conventions, which my other daughter is into, there's not much overlap with gaming and comics. I enjoyed all the energy of the show, very similar to comic cons. But for the most part I just hung out and lived vicariously through my daughter who was having alot of fun. They did have 1 dealer selliing comics, here are some pictures of his set up.














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ComicLink April 2014: Annie Oakley, Gwen Stacy and Dave Stevens


I picked up a few books this month. Three Annie Oakleys were offered. I won 2 of the 3. Here's CL's description for #2: The offered example for Timely's Annie Oakley #2 from 1948 presents very nicely for the assigned technical grade, and is 1 of only 7 examples in any condition that CGC has ever certified. This Focused Auction presents a very nice selection of Timely/Marvel teen Good Girl Art issues, many of which we have never offered before. Once these are gone, we will very likely not see them again for a very long time.


I like this copy of #2. Some browning along the sides but the image of Annie is bright and clean. The tears in her boot bother me. Not enough to not get it, but enough that I'd think about upgrading in the future.


I didn't bother to check GPA as I don't see these up for sale often. So mostly it's just, how much am I willing to pay? I put in a high bid of $100 and was very happy to win it at $70






I also won #3. Here's CL's description: The offered CGC 7.0 for Timely's Annie Oakley #3 (1948) is the second highest graded for this classic Good Girl Art issue, and it is the only example at 7.0, with just 2 ever having certified higher. So this very attractive example is 1 of the Top 3 highest graded that CGC has ever certified.


Once again my high bid was $100. On this one the hammer price was exactly that, so I just won it.


I didn't win #5. At CGC 5.0 it's the highest CGC graded copy. It sold for $170 (my highest bid was $160). I'm actually glad I didn't win it. I got caught up in the "highest CGC graded copy" and I'm sure that's why it went higher than the others. I like the book, I'll just try to pick it up in the future for a lower price.






Since we're on Annie Oakley, I won #1 last year from CL. This is a really nice looking CGC 7.0. It's qualified due to "staples cleaned." If you've read this journal you know I don't mind some restoration, and I certainly don't mind cleaning staples!






Back to this month's CL auction, I also managed to win this What If? to add to my Gwen Stacy collection. I got it for what I think is a really good price of $45. My high bid was $65.






Finally, I won a set of 15 Dave Stevens prints. Below is one of them. Here's CL's description: This is a lot of 15 Dave Stevens pin-up prints. None are signed or numbered. Each measures approximately 10.5" x 15" overall. Included in this lot are "Girl of Our Dreams", "Pumpkin Pie", "Rocket 88", "The Eighth Wonder", "Jungle Goddess", "Leopard Skins", "Amazon Queen", "The Captive", "Playing Opossum", "Hot Cargo", "Wanted", "Maiden America", "Rainbow's End", "Bound to Please", and "Space Vixens".


There must be a trove of these sets, as I see them offered by CL every few months (the last time was in October I think). You can also get them individually on eBay, but I wanted to pick up the entire set at one time. I got a great deal, only $235. For $16 each that's a bargain!




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Thony Silas Gwen Stacy Sketch Covers


I wrote above about DScott's recent, great sale of sketch covers. In that sale I also picked up this Gwen Stacy sketch cover by Thony Silas:






Coincidentally, I was thinking about buying this other Silas Gwen that was being offered on eBay at the same time. It was a bit too expensive for me. However, the deal I made with DScott on the other one helped convince the seller to come down a little, to the point I was able to pull the trigger. The funny thing is, DScott and the other seller live close to each other, so they were able to send both books together. Small world!




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Does your wife know about your obsession with Gwen Stacy? :)


But seriously, nice sketch covers!




Hi SW3D,


My wife has always been really supportive of my hobby. I guess there are alot worst hobbies than collecting comics! She sort of shakes her head at my GGA collection, but again, there are alot worst things, and she actually thinks the Olivia art is kind of cool. Also, you probably can't tell from my posts, but my GGA collection is a tiny part of my collection. If you walked into my comic book room, on display you'd see mostly Silver age DC and Marvels, my Cerebus and Strangers in Paradise collections, spinner racks of Adrian Tomine, Frank Miller and Neal Adams comics, Star Trek and Star Wars toys, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones stuff, and then oh yeah some GGA books.


My Gwen collection is an extension of my Spider-man collection. Spidey has always been my favorite character, and I was growing up during Peter's original romance with Gwen. As a kid, that really touched me, and I was really bothered when she died. You have to keep in mind, I was 11 or 12 at the time. I was the stereotypical introverted kid who collected comics, I had issues with my parents like everyone has, so these characters were like real people to me, really important.


So, my wife doesn't mind I have a Gwen Stacy collection. It doesn't hurt my wife sort of looks like Gwen (blonde hair, blue eyes, wears headbands sometimes).

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I totally understand where you are coming from. I relate to the fact that comic book characters can seem like the only people we can relate to... especially when life socks us with a punch to the gut. I'll admit, I had a tough childhood too... and comics filled a void for me in many ways.


Your wife sounds way cool! She digs you and supports you... That's the greatest thing when the person you love understands you through and through!


You should have a sketch cover made where your wife poses as Gwen and you play the role of Pete.



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Comics Signed by Actors



I picked this one up on eBay recently, signed by actress Hayden Panettiere. I think comics signed by actors is a great momento of the show, if there's a good cover showcasing the actor's character. This magazine has a great cover of Claire, by one of my favorite artists, Tim Sale. Definitely a winner!




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Some of My Star Wars and Star Trek Collection


I used to be a big Star Wars and Star Trek action figure collector. I'm still a big fan, but when they started releasing so much stuff it wasn't as much fun (especially Star Wars). I'm a completist, and when it becomes impossible to complete I lose interest. My future goal is to pick a stopping point in the ST and SW AF runs and then collect up to there, but my interest is not there right now.


Anyway, I still like what I have. In my comic book room, I used to carefully segment my ST and SW action figure collections from the rest of my stuff. But over the years, I've used the shelf space to display an eclectic mix of my collection. So, now ST and SW stuff has evolved to being the background for alot of other parts of my collection.


So here are some pictures of my ST and SW shelves. See if you can pick out the other things on display!















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My Next CGC Invoice and My Modern Indecision


So hopefully I'll be sending in my next CGC invoice on Monday (assuming the 2 books below arrive in the mail). I'll send it in Value fast track. The Value tier requires a 15 book minimum, so I've been working on this submission for months. I've been stuck at 13 for a while. I finally bought the last 2 last Sunday, these 2 Archies I bought from a boardie. They're not high grade but I'm so happy to have them (I don't see them for sale often). I happened to be on the boards when the post came out. I jumped on Betty and Veronica #40 (the comic!) immediately -- one of my grail books. Through PMs I asked the seller if he was looking to move anything else. Through that back-and-forth I was able to pick up B&V 41 as well.









With the next X-Men movie coming out I'm been struggling over whether to send in my X-Men 141 and 142. Their cover dates just barely qualify for the modern tier. I have a stack of other moderns I'm thinking about submitting. The problem with the 141 and 142, they need to be pressed to make it worth it to send in. So I did the math.


CCS Modern Press $12 (+ $6 for FT)

Modern $18 (+$10 for FT)


So I'd be looking at $30-$46 per book, and 9.6 or 9.8 (or even 9.4) would not be guaranteed. Looking at the numbers -- and I've gone through this same exercize for other books over the years (and reached the same conclusion) -- I have to ask myself, is grading worth it? Would it be better to buy already graded comics (where someone else takes the risk of grading)? Sure, it would be foolish to buy Future Past now with the movie coming out (just like buying ASM 31, 121 or 122 right now is not the best idea for long term value), but I can wait, it's not like I don't have alot other comics on my list.


So I've decided for Moderns to get comics with 9.8 potential off ebay, mycomicshop etc. (assuming I can get deals). I'll sort through them for the best copies, and then send them in. If I can control myself, I won't send in via FT. One of the best ideas I've read here on the boards is to send in an invoice of a few books every quarter (non-FT), and then eventually you'll get a Christmas present in the mail every 3 months or so.

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That Betty and Veronica 40 is such a nice cover... and thanks for posting the pic of your Mego Enterprise Bridge!


I use to enjoy that thing to no end way back when!

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They certainly are expensive... Kirk seems to always be 'cheap'.


I loved Neptunian!!!




Thank you for the opportunity to relive the memories!!!


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Fantastic Four #4: Kirby's cover of Reed, Sue and Namor


As a kid I was always intrigued (bothered) by the dynamics of the Reed & Sue / Sue & Namor relationship. In my opinion Kirby's cover of FF #4 is a good lead-in to that dynamic.






I picked this one up from a boardie. GPA currently has this in 5.0 at $736 and that's about what I paid. I think this is one of those deals where we both feel like we got a good deal.


With the comic in hand, I'm pretty sure it's been pressed as there are no wrinkles in either the front or back covers (other than some rough edges that pressing cannot help). Not that I'm interesting in the hassle of resubmitting this particular book, I just always look when I buy an older book whether it looks like it's been pressed.

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Incredible Deal or Waste of Money


I won this on eBay today, a Walking Dead cast photo with 11 signatures:


Rick - Andrew Lincoln

Shane - Jon Bernthal

Daryl - Norman Leedus

Lori - Sara Wayne Callies

Carl - Chandler Riggs

T-Dog - Irone Singleton

Dale - Jeffrey Demunn

Andrea - Laurie Holden

Carol - Melissa McBride

Sophia - Madison Lintz

Glenn - Steven Yeun


Not CGC'd or COA. Via email the seller told me he bought the photo from a collector already having some of the signatures, and got the rest of the sigs on his own. So even if the sigs he got are authentic, the others may not be. He's a dealer and has other celebrity signed pics and mags for sale.


Feedback was all positive except for 3 people. I negative feedback questioned authenticity. A similar signed photo is currently on eBay for an asking price of $899 with JSA authentication.


On the item I bought, there were 6 bidders (including me). Clearly everyone had concerns about authenticity. I decided to go for it if I could get it for a cheap price. I ended up winning it for $51.


I'm thinking about sending it in for authentication. If it turns out authentic (even some of the sigs) it was a great buy. If not, I only lost $51. Anyone know a good authentication service?




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