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WW Philly - Getting Signatures Witnessed


Leading up to WW Philly, I bought a Walking Dead #10 on eBay to get signed by Lauren Cohan (Maggie). It was somewhat of a rough copy with a number of stress lines, maybe a 8.5 to my eye. I wished I could have gotten a better copy but I couldn't find a better copy at a reasonable price at the time.


Once I got to the con I realized Scott Wilson would also be there (Hershel). I was really excited to get both their signatures, as #10 is Maggie's and Hershel's first appearance.


But how does it work with CGC when you want to get multiple signatures?


Well, it was easy. On Friday a CGCer witnessed Scott's signature. Then I opened an invoice at the CGC booth. CGC kept the book at their booth. Saturday morning I got the book from CGC. A CGCer walked with me to the Lauren Cohan line and left me there with the book. As I got close to the front of the line, I texted the CGCer. He returned and witnessed as Lauren signed. Then we went back to the CGC booth and I closed out the invoice. SS costs a little more, so instead of the onsite modern price of $25, I think it was $33.


As we were finishing the paperwork I remembered they were doing on-site pressing too. I decided to throw that in, hoping for a better grade. I think the pressing did help, getting the book up to 9.0. I was hoping for a little better but I can't really complain. I'm just really happy to have both Maggie's and Hershel's signatures on #10.




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WW Philly - While I was waiting in line ...


I managed to buy almost a long box of comics at the con, mostly $3 mid-grade silver and $1 modern books. The best comics actually came from these boards!


While waiting in line on Thursday, CaptTodd offered a number of sketch covers for sale. I couldn't pass up this Garza sketch cover:






Then that evening after the con, I was sipping bourbon at the bar when skypinkblu offered this Startling #1 for sale. Sharon and I traded a few PMs and within about 30 minutes I'd bought her comic. This comic presents really well for 1.5. Kinda funny the best comics I bought while at WW Philly were from these boards!




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Getting Ready for SDCC 2014


With WW Philly over I’ve got to get ready for SDCC. I was lucky enough to get 4 day tickets (unfortunately, no preview night). Last year I was only able to get a Sunday ticket. Not enough to make it worth the trip from the east coast, so I went to WW Chicago instead. But I kept the SDCC Sunday ticket, to qualify for early registration this year. You didn’t need to go to last year's con to qualify for this year's early registration, only have a ticket. That might change for 2015. This is controversial. On the one hand, they’re making it hard for 1st time attendees to get a ticket. On the other hand, they’re trying to support people who go every year. I'm not sure there's any good solution to this. I do hope they keep the con in San Diego, as opposed to moving to a different (larger) venue like LA. SDCC wouldn't be the same if not in San Diego, at least for me.


I actually think WW Chicago is the better con for buying comics. Flights are cheaper (since I’m from the east coast), and hotels are much cheaper, less hassle and more convenient to the con. So why do I go to SDCC over Chicago? Because SDCC is mecca for comic fans. If I’m lucky enough to win the ticket lottery I’ll always pick SDCC over any other con.


Due to family commitments I’ll only be able to be there for Thursday and Friday, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of my time there.


I’m thinking, for the most part, I won’t chase after CGC certified signatures, as I don’t want to take time running back and forth to the CGC table to get a witness. But I’ll see how it goes. I would like to get an SS of Joe Benitez. If doing that is relatively painless (given the lines and demand at the con), I might go for others. But, for the most part, I’ll reserve the signature hunt for future WW cons like I did in Philly (at least for actors).


I’ve learn that, given the size of SDCC, you have to have a plan (especially since I’m only there for 2 days). I’ll figure out my plan for programming later, once the schedule is out. I do want to attend more panels this year, but I’ll pass on the big events like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I’d love to go to them, but I’m not willing to spend all my time waiting in line. And you can watch the panels on youtube after the con.


I have to watch what I buy because there’s nothing worse than being bogged down by heavy bags (and the bag check often fills up early). I didn’t get room in Gaslamp this year, so I can’t easily dump my stuff in my hotel room (I’m staying a cab ride away). Anyway, this is what I’ll try to pick up in the dealer’s room.



• Work on completing a few Silver Age titles, including: Atom, Aquaman, Batman Family, DC 100 Page Super Spectacular, Hawkman, Justice League of America, Spectre, Sub-Mariner, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen,


• Buy a few (2 or 3) “original silver age Marvels” comics. I only have 18 issues to go to complete my runs of ASM, Avengers, Cap (complete), DD, FF, Hulk (complete) and Iron Man (complete)


• Discover a few new writers / artists in the Small Press Pavilion and Artists’ Alley


• Visit Joe Benitez table, find out the latest news on Lady Mechanika, and see if he’ll do a sketch cover (SS by CGC)


• Also visit other favorite writers/artists, like Terry Moore. I’ll need to update the list once all the guests are confirmed.


• Buy 1 cool statue to add to the collection


• Buy a few Walking Dead action figures and maybe a signed photo


• Buy a cast photo from Game of Thrones


• Pick up some cheap action figures for the collection (DC, Star Trek and Star Wars)


• See a couple movies at Horton Plaza and Pacific Gaslamp movie theaters


• Get a beer (or two) from Dublin Square


• Get a few tapas and a couple glasses of Spanish wine from Café Sevilla


• Walk through the antique car place in Gaslamp (I’ve done this every time I’ve gone to SDCC!)


• If I feel like steak, go to Greystone for dinner; if I feel like Italian, go to Asti



Here are a few pictures from my last SDCC in 2012. The last pic is of my favorite place to get breakfast. Egg, cheese and double sausage on an everything bagel. I pick that up first thing and then join the line for the long wait to get into the con.










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So cool! One day I hope to be able to go to SDCC. But living in Florida the cost to get there alone will be high. One day. As always love reading your post! Keep up the good work!



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Most Recent CGC Invoice #1 - How Accurate Are Comic Connect's Grades?


A few months back I won some raws on a Comic Connect auction. They were part of my most recent Value submission that I got back from CGC the day before WW Philly. Here are the results from CGC


CC graded Adventure 307 at 8.5 and it came back from CGC at exactly that, CGC 8.5.


CC graded Adventure 350 at 9.0, and again it came back as advertised, CGC 9.0.


The only disappointment was House of Mystery 156. CC graded it out at 8.5, and it came back from CGC at 7.5. To be fair I thought the book was 8.5 too. So overall I think CC did a good job with grading.


I love these books! 1st appearances of Element Lad, White Witch and (best of all!) Dial H For Hero!


And it always amazes me to see books like this, almost 50 years old, in such great condition.






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Most Recent CGC Invoice #2 - My "Original Marvels" Collection


With this invoice I also submitted a couple comics for my Original Marvels collection. At the moment I've completed runs of Cap, Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. I need #1 to complete the Avengers and #7 to complete Daredevil (I actually have reading copies of these books but I'm looking to upgrade). I need 8 more issues to complete ASM and 8 more to complete FF. I'm actually pretty close to completing Thor and Submariner too, but I've never considered those titles part of this collecting goal (just like I've never included X-men in this project).


I probably spent too much for both comics (from a deal making point of view, now is not a good time to buy the 1st appearance of Electro of course; at least I bought the key Gwen issues years ago). At least both came back blue. And, while not high grade, they're good enough for me to check them off my list without invoking an OCD desire to upgrade.




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Most Recent CGC Invoice #3 - The first Margaret and some GGA covers


Here are a few other comics I got back in my most recent CGC invoice.


I was really happy about the grade on this one, the 1st Margaret Wade in Dennis the Menace. These comics tend to be beat up as they were read over and over again by kids (including me).







And a few GGA covers:












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Dr. Balls - Thanks. Lately I've been getting into cast photos. I'm working on Walking Dead cast photos myself, as the actors seem to be available at cons (like WW). I'd love to buy a Game of Thrones cast photo, that's on my list for SDCC.

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Getting Ready for SDCC 2014 #2


So I've got my want lists for San Diego all set.


This weekend I've been planning out my days. SDCC is so huge and so much going on that's the only way to make efficient use of time. I'll only be there Thursday and Friday so planning ahead is even more important. I'll be spending most of my time in the dealer's room, but I'd like to see a few panels.


The programming schedule is online. You can make your personalized schedule and then access it from your phone. Here's my schedule. Not too ambitious because I know the lines will be impossible.


I thought about whether to drop books off at the CGC booth. I decided against it. There's no on-site grading, so the only advantage would be saving on shipping to CGC, and to me that's not worth the hassle of bringing the books.


I wonder if Alfred Trujillo will be there? I'd be able to ask him about the sketch op from a while back. As far as I can tell no one has gotten their books yet although I've seen pics of some of the books (including 1 of the 2 I commissioned; it looks great, I'd just like to know when I might be getting it, and also find out the status of the 2nd one I commissioned and paid for via the facilitator). Here's the thread if interested: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=7059652&fpart=1




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Okay, I shouldn't have done it ...


I'm trying to save for the SDCC later this week. But this popped up on the marketplace and I couldn't resist. Aquaman's first tryout? It's a book I want, but not enough to pay alot for it. Yes, this is only CGC 1.0, but it looks nicer than a 2.0 that's currently on sale on eBay (IMHO). The cover's detached but once slabbed it's hard to notice. The price was right and it let me cross it off my list. Thanks StingerMcK! A great start to SDCC week!



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Okay, I shouldn't have done it ... #2


As I worked on my SDCC want list I stumbled on these books on eBay. They were on my want list (for my Gwen Stacy collection) and they were at a price hard to resist. I'm trying to save money for SDCC but if these were offered at the con at the seller's prices they would be a good buy. And he combined shipping so I went for it.




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Getting Ready for SDCC 2014 #3


I leave for SD tomorrow. My flight's crazy, it takes off at 6am and the airport is about an hour away. It goes through LA with a layover, so I don't get to SD until after noon even with the early take off. Oh well ...


A bummer is my hotel is not in Gaslamp, I missed out on the hotel lottery. I'm staying on Coronado Island, my first time staying there. I'm got some stress about that, as I always shop the dollar boxes to fill in holes in my collection. To give you an idea, at 2012 SDCC I bought 900 comics. At the 2009 SDCC I bought 1200 comics. Most were out of the $1 boxes or inexpensive low- or mid-grade silver. The challenge is always how to get the comics back to the hotel (getting home isn't too hard, I just ship them). Staying in Gaslamp is easiest as I can walk from the con to my hotel during the day to drop off purchases. But staying on Coronado I'd have to take taxis and that'll suck away alot of time. I hope to be able to use bag check to store comics and then bring them all back to the hotel at the end of each day, so I only have to take 2 taxis (one to the con in the morning, and the other back to the hotel at night).


Another bummer about not staying at Gaslamp is not being able to hang in the neighborhood after the con in the evenings. I really like the energy and the restaurants. At least I've got the restaurant issue figured out. So I've decided to check out the restaurants in Coronado. They look really good, and I've never spent any time there.


My tradition is to get chinese food the night before flying out to San Diego. So here's what I got from the local chinese carryout.



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San Diego 2014 Con Report - Wednesday


Sorry, no pictures of preview night, I was only able to get the 4 day no preview night ticket (and I feel lucky to get that).


Badge pick up for the 4 day tickets was at the Town & Country resort. It was supposed to open at 3pm but in fact opened before 1pm. Very easy process, no lines. I'll never stay at the Town & Country though. Too far away and too crowded. The check in line had to be 30 minutes long.


I'm staying at the Marriott Coronado Island as I didn't win the hotel lottery. I'd rather be in the Gaslamp. Taxis cost $30+ each way and are not nearly as convenient as walking, and Coronado (while nice) doesn't nearly have the energy of Gaslamp. Ah well, I'm just happy to be here.


Here's a picture of the convention center from behind (from Coronado Island):







What's kind of cool are the hotel convention-themed keycards. Here's what the Marriott gave me:





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I stayed at the Marriott Coronado Island a few years ago, and yes it's quite a trek to the convention center, but after 3 or 4 days the calm and tranquility of Coronado will start to appeal lol

Excellent way to start the day is having breakfast outside with a stunning view of the San Diego harbor, the battleships and even the con center.

Breakfast wasn't half bad either .



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