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We are in a down period for some things. I noticed that the MP 9.2 AF15 on Pedigree last week brought $19,600.


That's not a really low price, but not high either. It isn't trimmed, so maybe it should have brought more, who knows with a restored copy.

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That 6.5 was recently graded and looks more to me to be a 5.5.

As for that restored copy, you're LUCKY to get 25% FMV for anything silver age that's restored. I would have to see more than one over graded copy and one restored copy sell "low" to call it a trend.



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I'm finally IN!! :whee:


My membership card! :cloud9::banana:







Wow. Really nice! I'll trade you my FF #5 for it! lol


Welcome to the Club! :foryou:



hm ..... lol


Thanks!.. my (comic) new years resolution was to finally get an AF 15, (as its been for the past couple years,) and it finally happened! :cloud9:

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