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How a moron grades...

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THIS NM book was purchased by me recently on Ebay.

Ok maybe I was a insufficiently_thoughtful_person to buy it but I really wanted this book for the price that I was able to get it at. The sellers scan was very small and I only saw the auction in the last minutes of the auction ending and was not able to ask for a better scan.

In any case this is what sucks about buying a book on ebay graded as NM and finding out that it does not even come close... frown.gif


Oh yeah....and when it was shipped at least the seller was kind enough to put the book in a bag (no board) and slip it into a priority envelope (no other packing).. mad.gif

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The guy is being a real ...saying that the book was not mint so he listed it as NM....he says he is going to refund my money but that I should stop harrasing him with threatening emails.( I had to send about 10 Emails to get his attention because he never responds).

Then asks me why I think it is not NM.

I told him that the spine area shows way too much wear to be even close to nm.


To make a long story short I filed a complaint via Paypal and hopefully it can be resolved peacefully, but I doubt it....


Oh..and yes ...I will neg. if things don't take a positive turn in the near future...

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I think a good rule of thumb to go by is that if a seller is selling a book on e-bay and describes it as a NM, it probably isn't. Not always the case, cause we have a lot of board members that know what they are doing but a lot of the sellers haven't got a clue. For fun, click Very Fine in e-bay search and just look at the [!@#%^&^] they have for sale.

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I know what you mean.

I bought an X-Men 95 supposedly VF+ for $45 a few months back.

I got the book in the mail - it wasn't even close, I sold it last month once I got a better copy


Anyways - the guy also included a "NM" X-Men 138 - except it had a thumbtack hole in it - all the way through the book. I contacted the seller - he said he knew the book wasn't NM so he included the other book as a bonus to help make up for the difference.

He ended up refunding me $25, after I started freaking out on him, and I kept the 2 pristine beauties. I ended up lining my wife's rabbit cage with the 138. I broke even in the end, but damn. How anyone could call that 95 a NM must indicate severe mental retardation.

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