The Official Groo Appreciation Thread!
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Over half a year since the last post? Need to change that ;)


Groo always has been fun and will continue to be fun, one of the publishers needs to pick Groo up again - the team of Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier is fantastic (thumbs u and Sakai on lettering :applause: .


I remember picking up the Groo 'Cheese Dip?' statue from my LCS, long long ago - good memories, still have it (sorry no pics It's buried in a box somewhere).


Has anyone read about any new Groo titles in the works hm ? Sergio just completed 'Sergio Aragones' Funnies' book and is doing some miscellaneous work for Bongo?



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It was one of the first books I ever had a mail subscription to. :cloud9:


Great call on the Groo thread btw OO!!! Never seen it.


I meant to start one years ago, but obviously that never came into fruition. I also wanted to scan all my Groo books for the thread, but that never appeared to happen either.

(I should be put into the middle of a fray for this :) )


Well anyways, I copied and pasted part of what I wrote in my PC Groo set description.

Needless to say - I have Serg & Groo to thank for my love of funny books.




"A Fray of ALL 9.8 WHITES!!! My most tediously collected set, Fo Sho!!.....But my most meaningful and coveted set too :)


I am HUGE Groo fan, especially of the PC run. This set holds a special place in my heart, since these books were the first comic books I ever truly sat and read to and through. I preceded to become enthralled and engulfed within each of their front and back covers, forever changing how I viewed and felt about the power of a comic or a book. This is all due to the fact that my older Brother was into Groo and had the entire PC run and a bunch of the early Marvel books. He also had Spideys, GI Joes, Batman, X-Men and my Father's big run of TOSs. (which from what I gathered were in damnn good condition, VF-NM, until my Brother got a hold of them!!)


But for some reason whether it was Sergio's awesome art or his off the wall humor (could have been the simple fact of me just liking a ninjaesque barbarian wielding samurai swords at everything and everyone) I don't know, but I just gravitated to Groo more at first. Enough that the Pacific run were the first comics that I "borrowed" from my Brother to take to my room to read. And I did read them, front to back, in order, again and again and again and again!!


So when it is said and done, I sumise that it is Mr. Argones and his "Groo" I have to personally thank for being the "gateway book" to my full fledged comic addiction!!


Thank-you for stepping into my Fray and seeing what Rufferto and I have done thus far."

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I remember when I was a kid and the original Groo issues were $75+ each. I actually remember getting issue 1 for $45 and I thought it was the deal of a lifetime! :luhv:


Now it's one of those series that whenever I find in $1 bins I can't pass up because it just doesn't feel right. I must free them...


Great series and one of the most kind creators I have ever met...

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I hope that was in another currency.


And totally agree, that Sergio is possibly one of the most genuine and kind creators out there. Aside from my own dealings or seeing him with others, the stories I read or hear from people about him - are all nothing short of "nicest person you'll ever meet at a show"

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