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Marvel Milestone - Fantastic Four #1 Signed by Jack Kirby

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Like to hear your thoughts on this. I collected comics many years back, the last ones in 1993. At that time I had purchased the Marvel Milestone - Fantastic Four #1 Signed by Jack Kirby that was authenticated by Dynamic Forces.


Like all the comic I purchased back then, I just stored it away and forgotten all about them. I plan to give them to my son but before I do, I would like to get a feel for what this one is worth. Also, would it be better to get the CGC grading and how would that help?


The comic is, as far as I can tell, in mint condition. It hasn't seen the light of day in over 20 years. Your thoughts would be really appreciated.



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Welcome to the boards.


I have chased this one down on eBay and I have seen them go anywhere from 80 up to 180. It is a very cool piece but it is not terribly rare. I believe the print run was 1962 so you should see the numbers X out of 1962 written on the cover as well. I would not recommend getting this graded as cgc will not recognize the signature as authentic. They will likely add "jack kirby written on cover" as if you wrote it on the cover. The comic alone is a 2 buck reprint. The Kirby signature carries the entire value.


There are plenty of jack kirby fans who would buy this fairly quickly. You can take your chance with eBay but might want to post it here first and see what the interest is. As a noob you will likely have to share some credentials to gain trust.


Hope that helps.

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