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Kneel before... ok, you can use a pillow... General Zod

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TL;DR version: I'm back after 5 years! If you had a transaction with me, please leave some words or paintings. I like oil colors. Cookies and kool-aid in the back, thank you for coming!



I've just returned to the boards after roughly 5 years. I don't intend to bore anyone with details behind my absence since I'd just as soon like to not remember them as well. I'm in a better place (well, not physically :P I live an hour away from Sioux Falls and I have to say my collecting options are unfortunately limited to one LCS and the Internet.) I've never been on the probation list, FYI.


In any case, I left before the kudos idea came along, so I'm creating this thread for my future kudos. Also, people who have dealt with me in the past, hope to see you chime in about my transactions (or to lament my lack of transactions, that's ok too) I know I have dealt with Steve Borock, Foolkiller, Robocard (the great Ed Robertson!), Vintagecomics (Roy D.) among a few others I might still have PMs with. And there are others whom I purchased books through their websites such as Bob Storms or Columbia Comics. Guys. Thank you so much for the great books. I :luhv: love these books so hard, you don't even know. I have been reunited with my OO collection from the past 30 years and am in the process of starting to re-inventory everything to know what I have in terms of grades and what books I completely forgot about while living in Phoenix.




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