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On 5/25/2014 at 7:15 PM, JMoses said:

As to TPBs in the registry, the poll suggests that a plurality favors their removal (full disclosure: I voted "no" on them); however, three things bother me:


1) it is a very close vote, with 46% (18 votes) voting to include them in some way, and 50% (20 votes) choosing to exclude them. I think this is too close to begin removing trades from people's collections.


2) Only a grand total of 40 of the hundreds of site users voted. I am uncomfortable with the vocal minority (which again includes me) imposing a standard on the site as a whole.


3) And some people are going to have slots removed from their sets against their will.


Speaking for myself, I'd rather this site be as inclusive as possible. Accordingly, I propose the following to anyone who reads this and has an interest:


Proposal: 1) Create a few sets composed of ONLY trades -- "DC Trades," "Marvel Trades," "Batman TPBs," "Image Trades," whatever the interest might be . . . 2) these would be competitive sets like any other, so those who have trades slabbed can still enter them into the Registry (after all, CGC DOES grade and slab them) 3) delete the Trades from all other existing sets, effectively segregating the trades from the issues collections. 4) make this known to those who have trades in their sets, so all are informed that their slabbed TPBs can still be entered competitively.


Well, that's it. Love to have a discussion around this possible solution, one that I think will satisfy everyone.


Happy Memorial Day, and if you served or are now serving in the military:

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What about euro versions of books that come in tpb format. 
I agree, shouldnt count in a set for competition, but my euros are still worth something lol. 


I can add it, and make it non competitive.  put in a request on the slot add thread.


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