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I'm still working on completing the International Comics, International Crime Patrol and Crime Patrol run from 1-14. I think I have 3-4 more of those to get.

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Just back from NOLA and noticed another interesting EC thread. Can't believe y'all started this'un w/o me. :cry:


Absolutely beautiful run of Gaines' masterpieces from Cheetah! :applause:


The depth of my collection isn't anywhere near as impressive, but back in the bygone daze I was very much an EC Fan Addict... :cloud9:





It's kinda late, so I'll post some of my more recently acquired ECs after I get a little shut-eye! :)


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My favorite cover. Pales in comparison to MrBedrock's Gaines File copy.




OA from my favorite story, "Precious Years" drawn by Wally Wood from WS19.




Just had this scan handy and tribute to the late Al Feldstein.




Love the Wood art!! :cloud9:

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