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White Mountain:



What other non-Gaines pedigrees had ECs in them? Let's see 'em!


Aurora copy, according to WWComics:




..... absolutely awesome cover..... GOD BLESS....


-jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u

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I'd love to contribute some of my favorite books to this thread.


When the Gaines File Copies first went on sale in 1990, I could really only afford one book. But there was no question as to which issue it would be:




This cover so perfectly captures the romance of discovering magic worlds ruled by beautiful and exotic alien princesses.





I find it very interesting that, thematically, the cover of Weird Science 14 is so similar to the previous issue (13).




It's as if, upon finishing the cover to 13, Wood started to imagine how he might have done the same "first contact" scenario differently. Like an afterthought. And so, without even waiting, he produced what he may have decided was a dreamier, more exotic, and feminine, version of the WS 13 scenario.


I've come to think of WS 13 and 14 as "Brother and Sister". I've had the Gaines WS 14 since 1990, but I didn't acquire a Gaines WS 13 until just last year. At last, Brother and Sister are together again.



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