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Multiple copies in a Single Registry

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I noticed the BGS Registry (Beckett graded cards) has a new feature in their Registry. It's called "STACKING". Stacking is the ability to enter multiple copies of the same card into a single Registry


I have a bunch of multiple 9.8s that I'll like to insert into a single Registry.


Will the CGC Registry have this feature in the future? 893crossfingers-thumb.gif



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hm. I don't know. It depends on how the collectors feel about it. The decision would be driven by whether the community felt that a collection with duplicate copies was more impressive (and thus worth more points) than a collection that was exactly the same but without the duplicates.




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Wasn't it assumed that the original poster wanted to enter multiple copies to get the added points? Otherwise why even do it, as opposed to starting a second set.


Personally I think "stacking for points" is a horrible idea as it defeats the purpose of accumulating the best set.

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