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List of Marvel bronze age keys

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So I get my checklist all straight, here is what I have come up with, I'm sure I'm missing many, please add to the list(this is assuming Bronze age starts with Conan #1/1970):

ASM 100, 121, 122, 129

Avengers: (maybe) 100

Conan: 1

Daredevil 131(minor), 158, 168, 181

Defenders: 1, 10(maybe)

Fantastic Four: 112(minor)

Ghost Rider 1(minor)

Giant Size X-Men 1

Hero for Hire 1(minor)

Incredible Hulk 180(minor),181,182(minor)

Iron Fist 1(minor), 14

Iron Man 55

Marvel Premiere 15

Marvel Preview 2

Marvel Spotlight 2, 5, 28

Marvel Team Up 1, 28(minor)

Savage Sword of Conan 1(minor)

Special Marvel Edition 15(1st Shang Chi)

Tomb of Dracula 1, 10, 13(minor)

Uncanny X-Men 94, 95, 108, 109, 120(minor), 129(minor), 137(minor) - a case can be made for all Byrne X-men to some extent, I guess.


SO...What am I missing?



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Then we left off Amazing Spider-Man #139...the first appearance of the GRIZZLY!


I'll trade you as many NM copies of FF 129 as you have for NM copies of ASM 139. Check out the prices realized on that FF issue when it actually comes up for sale in CGC 9.4-9.6 shape.


And yes, I did buy comics during the Bronze Age and tailor my Keys to what was popular THEN and not what the Modern trolls dictact is popular now. If you want to compare a two-bit villain who popped in and out of a single issue to a main character/member of the Fantastic Four for a good many years, that is your perogative.

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Ahhh, totally over my head,sentiment must be from a different thread ...so you'd advise picking up ASM v2 # 30 based on the first app of Ezekiel...


Valkrie and Damien Hellstrom were huge in Defender lore...I'd consider their first app valuable to me...

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