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List of Marvel bronze age keys

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Yeh that's some quality porn music you got playing there..I swear they have something similar in a porn I watched not too long ago..the title is a bit too X-rated so I'll just say it sounds like Schindler's List..



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Gotta love the ones that sound like movie titles... Pulp Friction grin.gif , Jurassic [!@#%^&^] wink.gif


So's not to totally derail the thread, toss Supernatural Thrillers 5 on the minor pile...



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I would add


Daredevil 81 (Black Widow begins)

Marvel Two in One 1

Fear 20 (Morbius begins) (minor but not easy to find)

X-men 121 (1st full Alpha Flight)

Hulk 141, 162 (don't know if these were mentioned before)

Thor 193 (52 pager and Silver Surfer crossover)


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Hey Ubiquiti....


Daredevil 131 158, <159 thru 167 (less 162) medium> 168 , 181

(I'd say 131 is, or will be major and add DD 132, 136, 141 as minor)


Defenders: 1, 10 (give 10 the nod)


Hero for Hire 1 (at least medium)


Incredible Hulk 180 (Absolutely Major!!) Very undervalued!!... Cameo or not, 1st Wolverine!! How many people do you know with at least a 9.2? That puts it in perspective as the book is certainly in demand and is hard to find.


Incredible Hulk 182 (at least medium, must have for the trifecta of 180-181-182)


Iron Fist 1(minor), 14

(how about 15... a sleeper in it's own right...medium)


Marvel Spotlight 2, 5..... 28 (make minor WW 32 is the Major)


Marvel Team Up 1, 4

Add 53 and Annual #1 (mediums)


SO...What am I missing?


Astonishing Tales 25

Werewolf 32, 33, 37 (medium)

Marvel 2-1 1 (medium)

PPSS 27 and 28 (minor/medium)

Warlock 1 (medium)






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To continue (most of these are minor):


Fantastic Four 121-123 (surfer appearances)

Fantastic Four 168 (SLEEPER PICK, Luke Cage joins the FF)

Hulk 178 (death of Adam Warlock)

Strange Tales 178 -181 (lead in to the Thanos Saga) ..which brings us to...

Warlock 9-15

Ghost Rider 2 (1st Son of Satan, pre-dates Marvel Spotlight 12)

Marvel Feature 12 (early Thanos appearance)



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DD 136?


Do you mean 146- 4th Bullseye, TV studio battle that is flashed-back to in DD 191? or 138- the John Byrne Ghost Rider crossover? I'm guessing the former.


Also, and this is just a nitpick, why doesn't Overstreet list 141 as a Bullseye Appearance? The guide lists 146, but not 141, so some people think that 146 is his third appearance, which is wrong.





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