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Did my book break the other thread? lol

It's gonna break me.Now I'm discusted with my 7.5 drek book,I must own a 9.4 or better. :pullhair:


:foryou: You have PLENTY of books I would love (Hulk 1!). Up for a trade anytime! :)


Nice books everyone btw!!!

Not anytime soon. lol


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One of these days I will own a NM one of these issues. I've been wanting it for a while but at this point I've come to accepted it as my current mission. If any of these very nice specimens in this thread or the one that preceded it are up for sale hit me up. I'm looking for a 9.4 specifically but I'd consider a 9.6.

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You guys have some beautiful books! This is one of my more recent pick ups.....Within the last year, I lost out on a 9.2(W) and an 9.0(W) copy....this went up and I said, no way I'm losing this one! Even without having the Surfer or that big purple interstellar god on the's still one of my most treasured books and characters! :whee:





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I'll limp into the club after that amazing 9.6 with my two-thirds-of-that-condition copy.




A very well centered beauty. :cloud9:


Definitely one of the best centered I have seen. Love how the limited space above the lettering and the logo allows for more room below. :)

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Harvey, you've been busy with these threads - many thanks!


Just seeing this one so thought I'd throw my hat in the ring:




I missed this one! :sorry: I've been weaning away from the Clubs lately and have only been paying attention to a couple of them. :(




Welcome to the Club, guys! :foryou::foryou:

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