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What Marvel/DC, character do you feel deserves a TV Show/ movie the most?

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Would like to see Capt Carrot and the Zoo Crew (DC Multiverse) get a cartoon series, and 4th tier team like Omega Men (DC summer relaunch) get a movie. Hey, if Marvel could get Guardians of the Galaxy with talking tree Groot and Raccoon to achieve huge box office, then DC can try too with interstellar special effects. :wishluck:

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Tittle says it all, Me personally I would like to see a Punisher TV show, Netflix perhaps? When it comes to DC? I'm thinking the Red Hood (Jason Todd)..

What do you guys think?? :whatev:

Yes Punisher is my choice, but only if Netflix. None of those other networks and their water downed nonsense.


Now for DC .


His time has come.





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