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1st Appearance of The Power Rangers?
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Fellow comic book fans :3


I'm wondering exactly which is the first official appearance of the Power Rangers?


I've been looking and CGC doesn't seem to have an official key comment-label on the vertification page to clarify this? As I'm unsure as to whether it's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Saga #1, Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 or something else entirely ~


What do you think?


All comments are welcomed.

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Are you talking about the Marvel one from 1995?



The Hamilton Comics #1 predates the Marvel series.


Dec 1994. The Marvel series has 1995 dates.

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But why at the key section it states,


"Power Up! trading card included"


instead of,


"First appearance of the Power Rangers, Zordon, Alpha 5, etc."

CGC is in the grading business. It's not on them to research that sort of information. If they're not *sure* that it's the first, better to leave that info off.

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When I had my store in eastern PA, we had Gray Morrow in for a signing for this book.

Nice, nice person.

Lots of happy kids and comics sold.

My daughter got dressed up as the pink Power Ranger for the day, shook hands and even signed autographs.

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They often leave off info like first appearance, unless it has become important. They don't say first print on books either. They usually say 2nd print, etc. Some graded power rangers have the card removed- they need to tell you it is complete, I imagine, for those that may not know it had a card in it.

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Here is another recent example. First appearance of Alex, Ada, but not mentioned. If this book becomes big someday, the future slabbings will say First Appearance.




No idea who they are.

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My copy of Saga #1 doesn't have anything on the label, but if you look it up by certification number, it says:

1st appearance of Marko, Alana, Hazel,

Prince Robot IV, Special Agent Gale,

Vez, The Will & Lying Cat.


Sometimes CGC is just slow on the uptake on documenting first appearances.

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Amazing comments everyone :3


I still feel that CGC should highlight that first appearance; perhaps after the release of the Power Rangers film; but on a completely different note, I can't believe this comic right below is going for such a price, even with the signature's and the grade, it's not the first appearance,



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