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Need advice on purchase...

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I have the opportunity to buy a Tomb of Dracula 1 9.6 and 10 9.2. Since Ebay doesn't go back farther than a couple of weeks, I'm wondering if anyone has some market reports on the values of these books. I'm assuming the TOD 10 9.2 is worth about $150.00 but I don't know about the #1.


Any advice is appreciated.

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I'm aware of (2) Tomb #1 CGC 9.6 sales that took place privately in the last 10 months or so. A 9.6 White went close to 1K. and I believe an OWW went $850. I haven't seen any sell on ebay in a good long while. I bet Josh at Comiclink has sold one or two privately as well and may be able to offer you an accurate market value.


#10 seems to have continued upside if they keep making Blade movies (and they do well.) I might go $130-$150, a little more if it's a White pager. I think a 9.4 ended close to $400-$450 recently??


Making a group offer often affords a buyer a bit of leverage to get a break. Maybe offer $850 for the pair and cave at $900 if you can afford them, especially if the issues mean something to you as a fan. I don't think many 9.6 TOD's will become available anytime soon. Check the census on 9.6's.


Good luck





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purely investment


Based purely on INMPULSE - not on examination on passed sales - I would say the go for the #1 and look for a #10 in better.


Unless another warehouse find of #1's and its kin was found?

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