Bronze Age Fantastic Four Appreciation Thread
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Yay. Great addition to the thread, Kaspar. And you're so right about the alternate covers.


Though I'm still trying to figure out why Galactus has green hands on the MGC #37. And what happened to his gloves?








Amazing copies of issues really hard to find in decent shape. :applause:


As a reader during the Bronze Age, these issues were my first look into the Silver Age past of the title, and will always have a special place in my collection. That the 'Marvel's Greatest' title began with an Inhumans story and then reprinted the Surfer-Galactus saga makes these especially memorable.


This was the case with me as well..... 1st exposure to these classics was through these reprints...... it was about another year before I got my first paper route and was able to pursue mail order back issues and the occasional convention (VERY occasional back then....)...... I was lucky to have parents who let me spend my money on them, as they weren't totally sold on the wisdom of spending a whole dollar on a 12 cent comic book...... GOD BLESS...


-jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u

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Hey Barton, beautiful copy of #38. I've always loved this cover. Does this reprint FF #51?

It does. It's fun to see the new interpretations for the covers. But I sort of feel bad for the guys who had to follow Kirby at the height of his powers.


The Buscemas and Kane made some worthy efforts but Kirby was just killing it with the covers for FF #47-52 and beyond.

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I always enjoy peeking in on the silver age appreciation thread but there are lots of great FFs to follow in the bronze age...


So bring them out.



To be honest, I never refrained from posting FF material of any kind or any age in the thread… I love its universality. But the more the better! :D

Unfortunately, very little of my BA range is scanned…

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At first glance you'd never think that the cover is by Steranko, but I suppose Sinnott's inking dominates there?

At first glance, when I saw it for the first time, I thought of Steranko. His style is still very recognizable, and Sinnott's inking is not SO invasive, IMO. :shrug:

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That 131 looks rather unique. Can't really call it a picture frame because the art goes all the way to the bottom of the cover. But it doesn't go all the way to the top either.


This is my contribution. Like Mr Pontoon, this issue was one of my first FFs.


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