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MILESTONE #2 Revised posted by WSTRICKLAND

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The 599th and 600th issues added to my "Fantastic Four with all Variants Set"



My apologies to everyone, I forgot to check the box -- Post Journal to Message Boards, so let me try this a gain with a better

photo and few more things to say.


Major progress since the first MILESTONE. I just added the 599th & 600th issues to my "Fantastic Four with all variants set"


Oddly enough they were the JC Penny Reprints of issues #66 & #67.


Hitting the six hundred issue mark feels really good, but I no it will only get harder from here.


Currently 245 more issues are needed to complete the run !!!!


Can any one help with the following 4 issues in 9.8 grade;

Fantastic Four #214

Fantastic Four #227

Fantastic Four #275

Fantastic Four #298


They have been very elusive!!!



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